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Issue: #22


Blue Hills Helping To Sponsor a Road Race


Get Out and Run For A Good Cause...

Last year we offered some sponsorship to the Morrison School in Braintree for thier annual fundraiser the Jingle Jaunt. It was successful last year so we are helping out again this year. The race is on December 2nd and it's not too late to sign up. It's a great way to help the school and also a great way to work off some of the extra calories we are all staring to take in for the holidays! To register, click on the link here. For more information, click on the link here.

Get Ready For Shoveling Snow...

Last Winter We Got Lucky...

These snow shoveling safety tips can help you from injuring yourself this winter.

1. Shoveling snow can be a serious health safety risk if you have a history of heart related illness, High blood pressure or high safe and check with your doctor.

2. Cigarette Smokers get short of breath quite easily. Shortness of breath will make your heart pump faster, increasing your risk of heart attack.

3. If you are a senior citizen or you are simply out of shape, it would be wise to hire someone to do your shoveling for you. Concern for your own safety is nothing to be ashamed of.

4. Before starting to shovel, be sure you have warmed up properly. For a list of stretches, click here.

5. Start slowly, work at a steady pace and take frequent breaks. Shoveling snow rapidly for long periods at a time will compromise your safety.

6. When you are shoveling snow be sure to remain hydrated. Dehydration can cause dizziness and fainting as well as more serious health issues.

7. Choose a small shovel, so you are not lifting as much snow. Snow may appear light and fluffy, but it can get quite heavy when it starts to melt. Plastic shovels tend to be lighter and snow slides off more easily.

8. Stand with your feet apart slightly and bend your knees as you lift. Avoid over twisting your body while lifting as you could pull a muscle. Your feet should point in the direction you are lifting and throwing in.

9. If it is cold outside, wear multiple layers for insulation, and so that you can shed layers if you become overheated. Be sure to cover your extremities to guard against frostbite.

10. Shovel often as the snow falls. Heavy accumulated snow can turn to ice and cause a safety hazard for pedestrians. It can also be a real back-breaking proposition.


contact us or your PCP before starting the program.
What ObamaCare Means For You....
The Election Is Over...

One thing that was hinging on this past election was the Health Care Reform bill or "ObamaCare". Now that we know that Health Care Reform will continue, here is a quick list of what has happened and what is on the horizon. Click the image for the summary.

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