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Issue: #21


Last Months Survey Results


Thanks for Helping Us Out...

Last month we asked for help in trying to determine what people thought was a "fair"price if we started to offer personal training services. The results are in: 40% felt that $30-$40 per session was fair, while 31% felt $40-$50 per session was fair. The remaining were scattered. This give us some good information as we start to explore some new services. We will keep you posted as we move forward.

Get Ready For Skiing and Boarding...

It's not too late to get in shape for skiing and boarding...
We know that there are still leaves on some trees and a lot raking left to do, but it's time to start thinking snow...and the best part of snow which is skiing and boarding. This month we have put together some simple exercises that you don't need much equipment for to start getting you in shape for hitting the slopes. Start slow and work into these exercises and it should help you stay fit all winter..,even if you don't hit the slopes at all!! Click here for the exercise handout and if you have any questions if the exercises are safe, contact us or your PCP before starting the program.
I Strained My What???
Levator Scapula Strains.

One thing we see pretty regularly at Blue Hills Sports & Spine are levator scapula strains. The levator muscles are a "lifter" of your shoulder blade as well as an extender of your neck, so this muscle gets strained when people are carrying things, reaching overhead for things quickly, or if they are spending long periods of time with their head flexed forward. You will feel a burning sensation or pain in your neck, upper back and between your shoulder blade and it can be difficult to rotate your neck. The pain generally can last a few days to a few weeks and in many cases is due to underlying issues with decreased shoulder mobility and some decreased strength of cervical extenders or scapula stabilizer muscles. Doing some icing and stretching early on in the process can go a long way in speeding up the recovery. Click here for a few exercises to try.If you have any questions about whether the exercises are safe for you, contact us or your PCP before starting the program.If you find it's not getting better, come in and see the experts at Blue Hills to ensure you have a full recovery.

The "Head Forward" Age...
Healthy Computer Habits Can Help Reduce Neck And Back Pain...
With the majority of us logging multiple hours a day on computers, laptops and hand held devices we are seeing an epidemic of occupationally caused neck and back pain. Click on the photo on the right to get some ergonomic tips and tricks to help you avoid these common pitfalls in the "head forward" age... 

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