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DATE: May 22, 2015


Production Alert:    Summertime Filming Restrictions on Highway One in Portions of San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties


Please note that between May 22 and September 8, 2015, summer restrictions will be placed on filming activities on the segment of Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties between Carpoforo Creek (SLO-1-71.3) and San Jose Creek (Mon-1-71.2) near Carmel Highlands. Prohibited during this time period are all film requests for intermittent traffic control (ITC), rolling breaks or lane closures. The restricted area includes Bixby Bridge.


Caltrans District 5 has historically honored a summertime prohibition of any traffic control within this segment of Highway 1 at the request of Monterey County and the coastal communities. Any deviation from the prohibition would require both a Board Resolution by Monterey County and concurrence from the District 5 Traffic Manager.


Please contact Caltrans District 5 Permit Engineer Arman Asef-Vaziri at (805) 549-3206, or California Film Commission Permit Coordinator David Booth, at (323) 860-2960, extension104, with any questions.