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The News from Good Sam                                                       August 3, 2016

Benson is one happy-go-lucky puppy!
Don't forget to order your flea bundle before the end of August! Purchase a one-year supply of flea preventative from Good Sam (Comfortis, Trifexis, Cheristin, Frontline, or Advantage) and receive a 15% discount. Plus, all of these companies are offering rebates, so you can save twice! Call our office today to order your Flea Bundle and save money! (510) 357-8574
The Good Sam Summer Boarding Blast is back! Due to popular demand, we are once again offering a 15% discount on our boarding charges from Memorial Day Weekend (May 27) through Labor Day Weekend (September 5). Relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that your pets are under veterinary supervised care. Call today and make a reservation! (510) 357-8574

Helpful Tip - Once you have registered your pet's microchip, you do not have to renew it. Many chip companies have special memberships that offer a lot of bells and whistles, but you don't need to renew anything to keep your microchip active.

In order to best serve all of our clients, we ask that whenever possible you give us a 24-hour notice for prescription refills and food orders. Thank you!


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Assistance Pets
Body Shaves
 Assistance Pets and What You Should Know

Assistance Pets come in a variety of shapes and sizes!
Next week is International Assistance Dog Week, so this seems like the perfect time to share some information with you about service animals.
Many people have a vague sense of awareness that Service Pets (which can include dogs, cats, miniature horses, rats and even snakes) help their person and that they're allowed to be in public, but there's a lot more to service pets than meets the eye. Here are the some things that service pet handlers would like the public to know and understand: 
  • My Service Pet is working. When you see my partner and I out and about, please understand that she's doing vital work for me, even if she doesn't appear to be  working to you. Please don't distract her from her job.
  • My Service Pet is my lifeline. Depending on my disability, my service pet may be the only thing standing between me and death. Service pets are not only used for guidance and stability. Their jobs could include alerting epileptics to an impending  seizure, diabetics to dangerously low blood sugar levels, or providing mental stability for psychological conditions.
  • My medical history is private. Please don't ask me about my diagnosis or try to guess the reason I have a service pet. You may not be able to tell what my disability is, but it's really none of your business!
  • I don't always want to answer questions. My service pet has made a huge difference in my life, but I don't always have the time or inclination to stop and talk about it. Please don't be offended if I'm a little short or dodge your questions.
  • Not all service pets are the same. Service pets come in all shapes and sizes. They cannot be identified by sight alone. Please don't judge!
  • My service pet is loved. Please don't feel sorry for my pet because he has to work all the time. He is incredibly loved and does enjoy time off. He is very well taken care of and he's better off than some pets because he's well-adjusted, highly trained and well socialized.
  • My service pet is medical equipment. Just like a wheelchair, crutches, or an oxygen tank she is medically necessary.
  • Service Pet Etiquette: Unless I invite you to interact with my partner, please ignore her entirely. You're not being rude, you're letting her do her very important job!
Does a Body Shave Keep Your Pet Cool?

Shaving can help with managing a pet's coat but not with keeping cool.

Many owners with long or thick coated pets shave their pets for the summer in a well-intentioned effort to keep them cool. While a shorter haircut may be easier to maintain during the hot summer months, it doesn't actually do anything to keep your pet cooler. In fact, it can make it more difficult for your pet to regulate his/her temperature.  
Our pet's coats act as insulation against the sun's UV rays and its effects. It regulates the animal's body temperature keeping them cool during hot weather, and keeping the heat in when it's cold outside.
Our pets only have sweat glands on their paw pads, but they have other ways to cool themselves. Cats lick their fur and paws, and as the saliva evaporates, it cools them down.
Dogs keep themselves cool by vaporizing water from their lungs and airways when they pant, expelling body heat in the process.
This doesn't mean that you shouldn't groom your pets! There are reasons to shave a pet other than heat relief.  Some pets, particularly working dogs, are exposed to burrs and foxtails which create havoc in a long coat. Some pets, particularly older long-haired cats, simply don't keep themselves groomed.  A matted coat is very uncomfortable for a pet. Think of having your hair constantly pulled. Matted coats often lead to skin infections as well because moisture gets trapped. If you have to have your pet completely shaved just be aware that they will need shelter from sun and heat. 
It's true that shorter hair can be easier to care for. We recommend keeping your pet more comfortable with regular brushing to keep tangles to a minimum and to remove loose fur.  
We hope that these tips will help you and your pets have a comfortable summer!  
Flea Bundles
Save 15%!
Save 15% on a one-year supply of flea preventatives (Comfortis, Trifexis, Cheristin, Frontline and Advantage) through the end of August! All companies are also offering rebates, so you can save twice! Call our office today and order your flea bundle! (510) 357-8574
Offer Expires: August 31, 2016
Save 15%  
Use Good Sam for your summer boarding needs and save 15% all summer long!
You can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing your beloved pets are under veterinary supervised care.
Reserve a space for your fur-baby today!
Special begins Memorial Day Weekend and ends Labor  
Day Weekend!
May 27 through September 5 2016