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The News from Good Sam                                                       June 29, 2016

What'cha see, Mochi?
Flea Season is in full swing, and Good Sam is making protecting your pets a little more economical with Flea Bundles! Purchase a one year supply of flea preventative from Good Sam (Comfortis, Trifexis, Cheristin, Frontline, or Advantage) and receive a 15% discount. Plus, all of these companies are offering rebates, so you can save twice! Call our office today to order your Flea Bundle and save money! (510) 357-8574
The Good Sam Summer Boarding Blast is back! Due to popular demand, we are once again offering a 15% discount on our boarding charges from Memorial Day Weekend (May 27) through Labor Day Weekend (September5). Relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that your pets are under veterinary supervised care. Call today and make a reservation! (510) 357-8574

Good Sam Microchip Special! Did you know that July 4th is the day that more pets go missing than any other? Protect your pet from becoming lost, alone, and scared. June 1st through July 3 we are offering a 20% discount on microchips here at Good Sam. Call today for more information - (510) 357-8574


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Road Trips with Pets
Water Safety for Pets

Fireworks Anxiety

Pet parents are gearing up for another week of bangs, booms, and anxious pets. We know some of you dread this holiday all year because of the anxiety your fur-babies go through. Here are some tips to help you all have a calm and safe 4th of July:
  • Tire them out! Take your dog on an extra long hike, throw the ball, or have a rousing game of chase-the-feather with your kitty. If they're exhausted, they will be less affected by the noise.
  • Let them hide. Give them a safe, cozy spot to get away from all the commotion. You can even play classical music or turn the TV on to help block the noise.
  • Keep pets indoors. Close all doors, pet doors, windows, and curtains/blinds if possible. Run a fan or turn on the air conditioning if possible for background noise. If your pet is in a crate, cover the crate with a blanket.
  • Make sure all doors and gates are secure and your pets all have tags and/or microchips just in case. When pets are in a panic, they can become escape artists.
  • Consider purchasing a Thundershirt. These pet shirts are designed to apply pressure to your pet's body like a hug. This pressure helps to calm the nervous system. Several of our clients have used these with good results.
  • Reassure your pets. Maybe even give a few treats when the noise begins. You want to comfort your pets if they are asking for reassurance, but be sure to stay calm and behave as if every thing is fine. If you act anxious, they will pick up on your stress.
  • Puzzle toys, like a Kong, can be great distractions during fireworks.
  • If loud noises make your pet extremely anxious, you may want to consider a sedative. Call our office to see if that would be a good option for your fuzzy kid.
We hope that these tips will be helpful as we approach this loud holiday. Please be sure to call our office if there's anything we can do to help make the day go smoothly. We will be closed on July 4th and will be back in the office with regular hours on Tuesday the 5th.

Camping With Pets

Camping is an increasingly popular activity for families and their pets. Many dogs and cats enjoy traveling with their families. Here are a few tips to help make your pet's adventure into the great outdoors a success:
  • Research the campground that you are planning to visit. Not all campgrounds accept pets and many have restrictions regarding pets off leash, their access to trails, or leaving them unattended  in a tent/camper.
  • Make sure that your pet's vaccines are up to date. Check with your veterinarian for any additional vaccines that may be recommended based on the area that you are planning to visit. Be sure to carry a copy of your pet's vaccines with you.
  • If your pet is on medications, be sure to bring enough for your trip plus a few extra in case some become damaged or lost.  
  • If your pet has any chronic medical conditions, you might want to bring a copy of his/her medical records in case you need to see a veterinarian while traveling.
  • Be sure to pack enough food and water (if there isn't access to fresh water) for the entire trip. Changes in diet can cause upset stomachs.
  • Don't assume that river, lake or standing water is safe for your pets to drink. There are intestinal parasites that your pet can get from drinking water in the wilderness.
  • Make sure that your pet is current on flea and tick preventatives and that you know how to remove a tick if necessary.
  • Take along a pet first aid kit. Your kit should include Betadine Solution for cleaning wounds, Hydrogen Peroxide, topical antibiotic ointment, basic bandaging materials (gauze squares, medical tape, gauze rolls), and sterile eye wash. 
  • Research the area for Poison Oak or Poison Ivy. If they are prevalent in the area do not let your pets off-leash and keep them on the trails.
  • When camping with cats remember the litter box and your cat's favorite litter. Keep your cat in a carrier while traveling, and always use a leash and harness when taking him/her outside. A frightened cat would be impossible to catch in the wilderness. 
With a few precautions, your pets can enjoy a fun family camping trip! 


Flea Bundles
Save 15%!
Save 15% on a one year supply of flea preventatives (Comfortis, Trifexis, Cheristin, Frontline and Advantage) through the end of June! All companies are also offering rebates, so you can save twice! Call our office today and order your flea bundle! (510) 357-8574
Offer Expires: June 30, 2016
Save 15% 

Use Good Sam for your summer boarding needs and save 15% all summer long!
You can relax and enjoy your vacation knowing your beloved pets are under veterinary supervised care.
Reserve a space for your fur-baby today!
Special begins Memorial Day Weekend and ends Labor  
Day Weekend!

May 27 through September 5 2016
20% Off Microchips!
Protect your pets from becoming lost, or alone and scared in a shelter with a microchip. We are offering a 20% discount on microchips from June 1 through July 3. Call our office for more information: (510) 357-8574 
Offer Expires: July 3, 2016