October 2015 ASCA News 

Detail of Dan DeRoux's newest installation at Gastineau Elementary School in Juneau, 2015.
Mirror, glass, acrylic. Commissioned by the City and Borough of Juneau. Photos by Michael Penn.
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A Note from Shannon
Earlier this week, the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) held its annual convention in Juneau. As part of the conference, ASCA partnered with ATIA to host a Cultural Tourism Summit, which included a series of PechaKucha-style presentations on examples of Alaskan cultural tourism in action and a panel discussion. The Summit provided an opportunity to have a rich discussion on best practices in cultural tourism, including the critical need to be respectful and authentic when presenting our Alaska Native cultures and the importance of paying artists for their work. I am pleased to report that the Cultural Tourism Summit resulted in the ATIA board voting to authorize a Cultural and Heritage Tourism Chapter of ATIA, the first thematic-based chapter for the organization. ASCA looks forward to working with this new chapter to advance tourism in Alaska through the arts and culture!

Partnerships like these are critical to ASCA, as they allow us to expand our impact serving the citizens of Alaska--and our visitors!--through the arts. During a time of scarce State resources, ASCA will continue to develop strategic partnerships that help us maximize state funds and work more effectively. The importance of these types of partnerships were a recurring theme in the statewide planning process that we recently concluded. We are now finalizing our new strategic plan and look forward to sharing it with you very soon!
The Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) has awarded three Native American Library Services Enhancement grants to Alaska institutions:
  • Native Village of Afognak, Kodiak, $149,970 to develop Alutiiq resources sections at the Kodiak Public Library and Nadia Mullan Heritage Library, and create eight digital interactive stories called Qbooks.
  • Sealaska Corporation, Juneau, $147,959 to care for a unique collection of 338 video recordings of traditional Southeast Alaska Native song and dance performances.
  • Chilkat Indian Village, Haines, $149,998 to present programs, develop collections, provide increased access to cultural resources, and create five films that record tribal lands history.
Congratulations to these organizations, and thank you for the work that you do!

It's official! The National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities are 50!

On September 29, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act, creating the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Both agencies have created web pages for Americans to learn about their histories and the United States of the Arts & Humanities. To visit the NEA Anniversary Site go to https://www.arts.gov/50th and to visit the NEH Anniversary site, go to http://50.neh.gov/. Congratulations National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities, and thank you for your work to inspire Americans, celebrate our rich and diverse culture and share our story with the world!
Maeva Ordaz talks Poetry Out Loud
Recently, Alaska and National Poetry Out Loud Champion, Maeva Ordaz, worked with the Alaska Teen Media Institute to develop a short video about Poetry Out Loud in Alaska. Maeva and others discuss the value of the program, and her experience with the Poetry Out Loud Program. You can view the video at https://vimeo.com/138813527. As Poetry Out Loud National Champion, Maeva has appeared at the National Festival of the Book and the National Storytelling Festival.
Poetry Out Loud
Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud was developed by the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Poetry Foundation in partnership with state arts agencies. The program offers teachers an easy-to-use, standards-based program to help students discover a range of poets from William Shakespeare to Rita Dove. Participating teachers receive free materials including a teacher's guide, lesson plans, and video and audio on the art of recitation. Students get to choose from among 900+ poems in the official Poetry Out Loud anthology, then memorize them, and bring them to life through recitation. Students advance from classroom contests, to school-wide contests, onto regional and state finals. By being part of the official program, your student has the chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to the National Finals in Washington, DC in May 2016. In total, Poetry Out Loud will award more than $100,000 to state-and national-level winners and their schools.

The Alaska State Poetry Out Loud Program is a program managed by the Alaska State Council on the Arts in partnership with the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council. To find out how your school can participate, learn more about the program, and register (by October 16th), visit the Alaska state website at http://www.jahc.org/poetry-out-loud. Poetry Out Loud is available to any 9-12th grade student in Alaska, and program coordinators can provide guidance on how to get involved. Contact Alaska Poetry Out Loud coordinator Sara Radke Brown at pol@jahc.org or at (907) 586-5099 with questions or for registration assistance.  

Alaska State Scholastic Art and Writing Competition is now open!
Young Emerging Artists Inc. and the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers are pleased to announce that the 2016 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition is now open. Young Emerging Artists (YEA) is the regional affiliate of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. The mission of the Alliance is to encourage students with exceptional artistic and literary talent, and to present their work to the world through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Through the Awards, students have been receiving opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships since 1923. Students across America submitted 300,000 original works during the 2015 program year across 28 different categories of art and writing.

From September 16th through December 19th, 2015, Alaskans in grades 7-12 attending home, private, or public school are encouraged to enter their art and writing in one or more of the 29 categories available. Most work is judged regionally in Alaska and is then adjudicated by some of the foremost leaders in the visual and literary arts. Approximately 15% of the regionally judged work will advance to the National Finals panel. Winners are spotlighted a National Exhibition in Washington, DC and New York, NY.
Portfolio winner Tanner Rhines with Barbara Buckland, daughter of Scholastic founder Robbie Robinson. Tanner won a $10,000 cash scholarship and his work is currently in an exhibit in Washington D.C.

Last year, Tanner Rhines' (West Valley High School in Fairbanks) work received recognition as an Alliance Board of Directors Art Portfolio, which comes with a $10,000 cash scholarship. There are a wide variety of awards at regional and national level, and hundreds of dollars of cash awards for supplies and services from Alaskan guilds, artists, and vendors for students and teachers at the regional level.

Teachers are encouraged to register as soon as possible as each submission for minors must identify an adult as an associated "educator" and it makes it easier for students if their teachers are already registered (especially as that means the teachers have a better understanding of the submission process). While there is a small fee for each entry ($5 per individual submission with no limits on the number of individual submissions, and $20 for senior portfolios with a limit of two per individual in each of writing and art), registration is free and students are encouraged to register as soon as possible. In addition to the prestigious Scholastic Gold Key awards, YEA also offers local awards to participants. Last year top regional artwork was exhibited at Hugi-Lewis Gallery for two weeks.

YEA is a public charity focusing specifically on Alaska youth. They are parents, teachers, writers, and artists who want others to know that whether their focus is on human development or economic growth, young artists are a part of the answer. If you have questions about YEA, contact YEA President Cheryl Guyett at cheryl.guyett@yeaalaska.org. Content-specific questions should be sent to: contest@yeaalaska.org.
Students and teachers can register here: http://www.artsandwriting.org. More information is available at http://www.facebook.com/YEAAlaska & http://www.yeaalaska.org

Spotlight on Public Art | Dan DeRoux
This month we asked artist Dan DeRoux from Juneau for his thoughts about public art.

How long have you been making public art and where can we see some of your work?
I have been making public art in Alaska since 1986. I have been proposing to make public art since 1971, before there was a public art program in Alaska.

I have a number of pieces in Anchorage, the most visible is a 20'x40' painting on the Linny Pacillo parking garage downtown celebrating 50 years of statehood.  I have a fun mural in the Wasilla High School titled, I have a mural "The Seven Wonders of the World". At UAF I have a mural about 150' long depicting the history of the Natural Sciences. In Juneau I have 9 pieces, which is extremely gratifying for me, having been born there 64 years ago. 
Dan DeRoux's newest installation at Gastineau Elementary School in Juneau, 2015.
Mirror, glass, acrylic. Commissioned by the City and Borough of Juneau.

Can you talk about how you've been able to move your public artwork into 3-dimensional work from painting and still stay true to your work? 
Initially, in 1971, I was designing sculpture at the same time I was teaching myself to paint. I was very 
interested in the sculptural work of Claes Oldenberg, but of course it was much easier to paint than sculpt. I think it was Alexander Calder who said, "if sculpture was easy, all the painters would be doing it."

After 30 years of painting I wanted to start doing sculpture but my brain just wouldn't make the leap,
Nieuw Dutch Harbor, 2012. 22"x34" acrylic. 
which felt very odd. It would just shut off.  Eventually I had to really just sit down and force myself to start working on a theme. To my surprise it worked....breaking through my mental block. As a painter, conceptual vision is often 3-dimensional, but the application is 2-dimensional. I really had to force myself to get over that application, but it was through drawing, which is ironic.

Throughout my career I have been very careful to not get locked into any one genre or style. This often happens when an artist is adopted into a gallery's stable. I have generally avoided gallery representation and have tried to market my work independently. This has given some breadth and freedom of expression to my work. My sculptural work is very diverse and I am happy about that.
Transported, 2012, aluminum, foam and acrylic. Mt. View Library, Anchorage. Commissioned by Anchorage's 1% for Art Program.
What has the Alaska Percent for Art Program meant
to you and your career?

The Percent for Art Programs, both municipal and state, have been incredibly beneficial, not to mention validating.  As a 3rd generation Alaskan,
I have always felt I belong here but now at some level I feel like I am a part of the cultural landscape. When you are a struggling artist and make a sale, it keeps you going. When you get a grant, you feel lifted up, validated and it gives you more of the sense that your career choice is worthwhile. When you get a commission, it does all those things but it helps to identify you with your community or environment and the financial benefits of receiving a commission allow you to live there!

The one thing I can offer to artists applying for public art commissions is to not give up. My list
of rejections is very, very long.

More of Dan's work can be found on his website: http://www.danderoux.com

All photos by Michael Penn. 

Wonders of the World, 2010. 10' x 16', acrylic on dibond panels. Wasilla Middle School.  
Commissioned by Mat-Su Borough School District.

ASCA Notices
Harper Arts Presenting and Touring Fund Grants are open for FY16 on a rolling deadline. Click here for guidelines, information and application.   

Poetry Out Loud Registration Deadline for Schools | October 16, 2015 | Click here to hear from the 2015 National Poetry Out Loud Champion from Alaska, Maeva Ordaz. Visit the Alaska Poetry Out Loud website for complete information and registration.  

Artists in Schools and Statewide Teaching Artist Roster Round II Deadline for FY16 | Nov. 1, 2015. For information about the Artist in Schools program, click here. For information about the Statewide Teaching Artist Roster, click here.    

Round II FY16 Cultural Collaborations Project Grant Deadline | December 1, 2015
For information about Cultural Collaborations grants, click here.

Quarterly Grants for Individuals Deadline | December 1, 2015. For information about Master Artist and Apprentice and Career Opportunity grants, click here.

Quarterly Grants for Organizations Deadline | December 1, 2015.For information about Community Arts Development grants, Workshop grants and the Helen Walker Performing Arts Presenting and Touring grant, click here.

What's Your Art Story?  
The NEA turns 50 on September 29th! In this video, Chairman Chu asks America to participate in the celebration by sharing their "arts story." The NEA wants to know about an arts experience that helped shape or change your life. Was it seeing Grease in high school? Was it reading Little Women? Maybe it was the moment you first sculpted clay or built a house out of Legos. How have the arts impacted you?

We hope you will share Alaska's Art Stories with the National Endowment for the Arts, as they celebrate this anniversary.   

Calls for Artists and Requests for Proposals
Call for Art | Alaska Humanities Forum
Deadline: ongoing 

The Alaska Humanities Forum is accepting proposals for its humanities and art series, Second Friday @ The Forum. Visual, literary and performance artists are invited to submit proposals. The mission of the Alaska Humanities Forum is "to tell the stories and impact the lives of all Alaskans". Proposals that use the humanities as a point of departure will be highly considered. In addition to exhibiting work at the Forum, the artist or artists are asked to give a short and informal discussion of their work relating to the Forum's mission.

The Forum provides a Second Friday Reception with food and libations, marketing and support, publicity via press releases, email communications, blog posts, posters and social media, as well as a beautiful exhibit space in our office gallery.

Submission Details:
  • Include a recent resume and/or bio.
  • Include a statement about the new work you would create for your exhibition at the Forum and how the exhibition opportunity would help you develop your work.
  • Between three and 10 images representing your body of artwork. Please make sure your images do not exceed 1MB each. Digital entries only.
  • A list providing information for the submitted images including: titles, media, size and year.
  • Suggest a month and year you would like to exhibit
Email your exhibition proposal to: cbarber@akhf.org. For questions and more information please call the Alaska Humanities Forum at (907) 272-5341.

Americans for the Arts Requesting Session Proposals for the 2016 Annual Convention
Deadline: October 20, 2015.

We want to hear from you! What environment, policies, or practices do you believe will allow for the creation and perpetuation of healthy, vibrant, equitable communities through the arts? Share your theories and ideas with us by submitting a session proposal or recommending a speaker you believe can contribute thoughtfully on the topic! Your ideas may be developed into one of 30 main conference breakout sessions or one of 15 preconference breakout sessions during the 2016 Annual Convention in Boston, MA - June 17-19, 2016. Visit the website at http://convention.artsusa.org/ideas for complete information and to submit a proposal.

Juried Membership Opportunity for Professional Craftspeople
Deadline: October 25, 2015

Northwest Designer Craftsmen was founded in 1954 to promote excellence of design and craftsmanship and to stimulate public appreciation of and interest in fine craft. Artists in WA, OR, ID, MT and AK, who work professionally in clay, wood, glass, metal, fiber, and/or mixed media, can jury to join from Oct. 1-25. Instructions available Oct. 1 at nwdc-online.org or contact Membership Chair Lin McJunkin 360-941-6742 lin@mcjunkinglass.com
Fairbanks Arts Association Portfolio Review
Deadline: October 31, 2015 for the 2017 Exhibit Year
Each November, the FAA Visual Arts Committee selects artists to exhibit their work in the gallery for the year after next with a Portfolio Review. A panel of seven local artists who work in different media review submitted images. Portfolios are chosen solely on the merit of the images entered and the artist's resume. The deadline for submission to Portfolio Review is always October 31. Click here for complete prospectus and instructions.
The Visual Arts Committee of the Fairbanks Arts Association invites artists and artisans from Alaska to submit for review either slides or digital images of their work for possible solo or group exhibitions in the Bear Gallery for the year 2017.
Submission to the Portfolio Review constitutes an agreement to meet the gallery's scheduling needs for the exhibit year 2017 beginning January of 2017. Any selected artist unable to meet the gallery's schedule may have to resubmit for review in a subsequent year.
For complete guidelines, information and instructions on submitting to Portfolio Review, visit the website at http://fairbanksarts.org/visual-arts/portfolio-review/. For more information on Portfolio Review or how to apply please contact the FAA Visual Arts Coordinator at (907) 456-6485 ext. 227 or gallery@fairbanksarts.org.

Anchorage Folk Festival Performer Application is open
Deadline: November 1, 2015

Calling all musicians, storytellers and dancers! Performer applications for the 27th Annual Anchorage Folk Festival (January 21-31, 2016) are now available online.

Application submission deadline is November 1, 2015. For applications and information visit http://www.anchoragefolkfestival.org/?page_id=51.

Bunnell Street Art Center Calls for Artists
Animalia | Wearable Arts
Deadline for registration: October 19, 2015

Calling all performers & makers, it's time to get wild! Animalia: A Wearable Arts Show - costumes, clothing, masks and performance inspired by animals, real or imagined.

10x 10 Art Show (for members)
Deadline for registration: October 31, 2015

Paint, draw, sculpt, carve, sew, mold, cast, burn...anything goes as long as it's 10" x 10"

Visual Arts Exhibition Program
Application Deadline: October 31, 2015

Bunnell's flagship program opens the first Friday of every month with an artist's reception, lecture, and demonstration workshops which are free and open to the public. A community tradition established by Bunnell Street Art Center in 1991, exhibitions continue to promote education and artistic awareness for the public, and networking, exchange and professional development for Alaskan artists. Bunnell's Visual Art Exhibition Program, has a national profile and has been funded substantially by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation since 2006.

Applications for the Visual Art Exhibition program are due October 31 annually. Applications in all media and formats including solo, group and interdisciplinary arts are welcome. Work need not be for sale. Preference is given to Alaskan artists.

Visit the Bunnell Street Arts Center for information about these calls at http://www.bunnellarts.org/
Blue Marble | National Juried Exhibition
Juror: Patricia Watts
Deadline for Entry: March 19, 2016
Blue Marble refers to the spectacular color image of Planet Earth taken with NASA's Moderate Resolution Imagining Spectroradiometer.  The theme for this exhibition welcomes who delve into subjects, themes, and motifs that have to do with our planet.  Contemporary original 2D and 3D work in any media, including paintings, prints, drawings, photography, sculpture, and fine craft produced within the last two years is appropriate.  2D work should not exceed 36 inches in the longest dimension.  3D work should not exceed 24 inches in the longest dimension and not more than 60 pounds for the whole piece.  The exhibition is open to artists living the United States over the age of 18. Click here for more information and entry form. 
The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art (SLOMA) is pleased to Patricia Watts as juror for Blue Marble.  Patricia Watts is founder and west coast curator of Ecoartspace.  She has curated over thirty art and ecology exhibitions.Contact Ruta Skaliiklis, curator, for more information at info@sloma.org

Bears: an Art / Science Collaborative
Deadline to express intent to participate: March 1, 2016
Artwork due: April 29, 2016, 5:00 p.m.
The Pratt Museum in Homer, Alaska is embarking on an Art / Science Collaborative project focusing on Brown and Black Bears of the lower Cook Inlet region. In conjunction with a series of presentations and special programs beginning in October 2015, the Pratt is extending an open call to Alaska artists to participate in a non-juried show, which will run May 6 through July 31, 2016. Artists are encouraged to attend the preceding events for inspiration. Click here to read the press release. 
Alaskan artists may submit one work. Deadline to submit your intent to participate is March 1, 2016, with work due to the museum by April 29 at 5:00 p.m. For a project overview, events, resources, submission form, and for any additional questions, please visit www.prattmuseum.org/exhibits/bears.
Grants and Funding
National Endowment for the Arts | Research : Art Works Grants
Deadline: October 20, 2015

The NEA's Office of Research & Analysis makes awards to support research that investigates the value and/or impact of the arts, either as individual components of the U.S. arts ecology or as they interact with each other and/or with other domains of American life.
By providing financial support to deserving projects, the NEA anticipates that this program will spur growth in the number of people experienced in and knowledgeable about arts-related research in the U.S.

Visit the grants section of arts.gov at http://arts.gov/grants/apply-grant/grants-organizations for information. If you have questions, please contact the staff at nearesearchgrants@arts.gov.

Presenter Consortium for Jazz Grant Opportunity
Application Deadline: October 30, 2015
Presenter Consortium for Jazz provides support to consortiums of three U. S. presenters that collectively engage up to three professional U.S. jazz ensembles (consisting of 2-10 musicians each) to perform at each presenter's venue. Incentives are available to each consortium that invites one of the CMA New Jazz Works grantee ensembles to perform its entire CMA commission.
For grant application, guidelines and more information, click here.

a blade of grass (ABOG) Fellowships for Socially Engaged Art
Deadline for Letters of Interest: November 20, 2015

ABOG provides resources to artists who demonstrate artistic excellence and serve as innovative conduits for social change. We evaluate the quality of work in this evolving field by fostering an inclusive, practical discourse about the aesthetics, function, ethics and meaning of socially engaged art that resonates within and outside the contemporary art dialogue. ABOG Fellows work in leadership roles and in partnership with communities to enact social change. The fellowship is a year-long funding relationship and participants receive $20,000 in project support. Fellows become active members in a cohort and participants in a program that provides them evaluation support and assistance throughout the course of the artists' work in the community. Eligible applicants include independent artists or artist collectives, artist(s) must be over the age of 25 and projects must directly engage with a specific community or communities.

We fund:
  • Socially engaged projects in which art is a catalyst for social change.
  • Projects that feature artists in leadership roles.
  • Dialogue-based projects that emphasize sustainable partnerships with communities.
  • Projects in which artists engage community members as equal partners.
  • Projects in which co-creation with non-artists is part of the process.
  • We value process over product: relationship building and problem solving are key goals.
  • We provide funding with minimal restriction, and budget line items may include things like living expenses that are not direct project expenses.
  • We fund artists working nationwide, as well as artists based in the US who are working internationally.
For Complete information, application and guidelines visit http://www.abladeofgrass.org/application/guidelines/.

Education and Youth  
State Library, Archives and Museum are a Resource for Educators
Artifacts for the classroom, art activities, Alaska history modules, and historic photographs are just a few of items that the Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum have for educators and students this school year. Learn more at http://askasl.blogspot.com/2015/08/back-to-school-with-alaska-state.html.

The Center on School Turnaround Releases Publication on Arts Integration
The Center on School Turnaround recently released a new publication that connects the dots between arts integration, students' personal competencies, and school turnaround. View the publication at http://centeronschoolturnaround.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/CST_ArtsIntegration_20150928.pdf

Alaska Society for Technology in Education (ASTE) Conference Proposal Deadline Extended
Deadline: October 15th

Our Call for Presenters deadline has been extended to October 15th, so you can take a breath and still get your submission in to present at ASTE. Submit a 1,000 character description of your presentation and 1,000 character bio at Call for Presenters. https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=1753554

National YoungArts Foundation
Application Deadline: October 16, 2015
Grant Range: $250 - $10,000

The National YoungArts Foundation is designed to identify and support the next generation of artists and to contribute to the cultural vitality of the nation by investing in the artistic development of talented young artists in the literary, performing, visual, and design arts.

YoungArts provides emerging artists (ages 15-18 or grades 10-12) with life-changing experiences with renowned mentors, access to significant scholarships, national recognition, and other opportunities throughout their careers to help ensure that the nation's most outstanding young artists are encouraged to pursue careers in the arts. Support is offered to individuals in ten artistic disciplines: cinematic arts, dance, design, jazz, music, photography, theater, visual arts, voice, and writing.

YoungArts program winners are eligible for:
  •    up to $10,000 monetary award;
  •    recognition as a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts
  •    master classes with world-renowned artists
  •    access to scholarships, career opportunities, and professional contacts.
Application guidelines are available on the YoungArts website at http://www.youngarts.org. Note: There is a $35 (non-refundable) application fee per category. Fee waivers are available. 

Play Every Day Campaign Offers Video Contest for Elementary Schools
Deadline: October 30, 2015

The Play Every Day campaign, operated through the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, is running its second free public service announcement video contest for public elementary schools in Alaska. The public education campaign, which is focused on preventing and reducing childhood obesity in Alaska, challenged schools last year to create short videos that promoted physical activity. Schools from four school districts entered 11 videos showing creative ways the students get out and play. This year, Play Every Day is challenging Alaska elementary students to create a short video that motivates children to drink water or low-fat milk instead of sugary drinks such as soda, sports drinks, and powdered drinks. Prizes will be awarded to first through third place. Click here for complete information.

Americans for the Arts and Kris Wine Announce 6th Annual "Art of Education" Contest
Deadline: October 31, 2015

Americans for the Arts is once again teaming up with corporate partner Kris Wine to provide resources to schools for their arts programs. The annual the "Art of Education" campaign has supported K-12 public schools across the country by awarding more than $300,000 in grants to classrooms in need of art supplies and instructors since the program's inception in 2010. Each year, a total of 16 grants are awarded to the schools with the most votes at the end of the campaign. You can vote once a day for your favorite school at the Art of Education website: http://voteforthearts.com. For more information about the Art of Education, please contact Arts Education Program Manager Kristen Engebretsen at kengebretsen@artsusa.org.

Maureen Hayes Author/Illustrator Award available through the Association of Library Services to Children
Deadline: November 1, 2015

This $4,000 award was established with funding from Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, in honor of Maureen Hayes, to bring together children and nationally recognized authors/illustrators by funding an author/illustrator visit to a library.

Applicants must:
  • Be personal members of ALSC as well as ALA; organizational members are not eligible
  • Act as host for the author/illustrator visit, the date to be arranged at the mutual convenience of the artist/illustrator and the host institution
  • The award covers only the honorarium and travel expense to and from the host city. The host is responsible for making travel arrangements that are mutually agreed upon by the host and the author/illustrator, and for paying the up front travel costs. Maximum award is $4,000
  • Host institution must arrange to pay for any reception, dinner, or other hospitality honoring the speaker following the visit and to pay for all local lodging, means, etc. of the lecturer
  • Prepare and distribute publicity
  • If applicable, autographing and sale of books may be arranged with the publisher by the host institution. Any other programs/events (other than those promoting the visit) must be arranged with the author/illustrator's publisher(s) or agent, and must be arranged with the author/illustrator's knowledge and permission, and must be funded separately

Children's Theatre Foundation of America sponsors Reba R. Robertson Award for Secondary Theater/Drama Teachers
Deadline: November 1, 2015

The biennial Reba R. Robertson Award recognizes EXCELLENCE in the important work of public high school theatre/drama teachers throughout the United States of America.

The Reba R. Robertson Award features:
  • $5000 to the honoree to use as he/she chooses for the purpose of expanding professional interests (for example: study with a master mentor, travel, research, develop learning tools)
  • $1000 to the honoree's school to enhance the high school theatre/drama program
  • Two distinctive trophies, one for the honoree and one for the honoree's school
  • Transportation expenses up to $700 for the recipient to travel to the CTFA Medallion Awards Event

Carnegie Hall Launces NYO2
Nominate a student by December 1, 2015

In the summer of 2016, Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute will launch the first season of NYO2, a two-week, intensive summer training program for outstanding young American instrumentalists ages 14-17 from communities that are underserved by and underrepresented in the classical orchestral field. Running in conjunction with the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America's annual summer residency at Purchase College, SUNY, NYO2 will offer an opportunity for participants to play alongside exceptionally talented peers and learn from a world-class faculty. The program culminates in an exciting side-by-side performance with members of The Philadelphia Orchestra.

NYO2 is free for all participants, including room and board and all rehearsal, teaching, and performance activities. There is no fee to apply.

A formal nomination is required as part of the application. Go to http://www.carnegiehall.org/nyo2/ for complete information and to nominate a student.

ASTE 2016 iDidaContest is open!
Deadline: January 31, 2016

ASTE is well known for its iDidaMovie Contest and for encouraging creativity and technology in Alaskan schools through this contest. The 2012 Alaska State Legislature issued a proclamation of appreciation to ASTE for this outstanding effort. Be part of the excitement and encourage your students to enter a photo, movie, podcast or original music in this year's contest.
For Complete information and registration, visit the website at http://www.aste.org/ididacontest/.
Professional Development
Free Grant Writing Workshop at the 2015 Elders & Youth Conference
The Ciri Foundation (TCF) is sponsoring a free, grant writing workshop for those individuals associated with non-profit or tribal organizations working with or serving Alaska Native people/communities. Join the Foraker Group's expert, President/CEO Laurie Wolf, as she covers topics that will help your organization write stronger, more competitive grants.

When: Monday, October 12, 2015 | 2:15 - 5:30 p.m.

Where: 2015 Elders & Youth Conference | Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage

Pre-registration Required: Applicants must pre-register for the workshop with TCF to have the 2015 Elders & Youth Conference fee of $55 waived (free admission to this workshop only.)

Bonus: An hour long, free, one-on-one consultation with The Foraker Group's Laurie Wolf will be offered to a limited number of workshop participants by appointment only. Participants must have attended the entire session.

Potential TCF Project Grant applicants are highly encouraged to attend. For more information or to pre-register visit www.thecirifoundation.org, or email ldavis@thecirifoundation.org. You may register to attend the full 2015 Elders & Youth Conference, $55 per person, by visiting www.firstalaskans.org. If you wish to attend the entire conference, pre-registration for the grant writing workshop with TCF is still required.

Relate North 2015: Culture, Community and Communication
November 4-6, 2015 | University of Alaska, Anchorage

The symposium and exhibition is a collaboration between the University of the Arctic, ASAD thematic network, the University of Alaska Anchorage, the University of Lapland and the Kimura Gallery.

Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design (ASAD) is a Thematic Network that aims to identify and share contemporary and innovative practices in teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange in the fields of arts, design and visual culture education. In summary, the network seeks to promote cooperation and collaboration between academic institutions and communities, advance art education amongst members and share both traditional and contemporary practices in teaching, learning and research. 

Symposium and exhibition theme: What role can art play in representing a northern sense of culture, community and identity? How can art stimulate debate about indigenous issues and other northern and Arctic ways of living in challenging environments? What role can art play in communication of northern issues? How might art communicate some of the challenges facing those living in northern areas today? What role might art play in chronicling issues important to places and people in the north? These questions are central to this long-term project coordinated by ASAD.

For complete information and registration, visit the website at  http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/art/relatenorth2015symposiumprogram.cfm.

Registration for the National Arts Marketing Project Conference Open
Americans for the Arts | Salt Lake City November 6-9
This year's NAMP Conference provides the practical tools and strategies to turn ideas into action. Build your digital marketing arsenal, learn the technology trends to engage your patrons, and hear the latest creative revenue streams from experts in the field. Once your organization has the right tools to Lift Off, your organization's future will be brighter and undeniably sustainable. 
Visit http://www.artsmarketing.org/conference for complete information and registration. Including information about scholarships for members of AFTA to attend. These scholarships provide arts marketers, audience engagement professionals and development staff with financial assistance to attend the conference. Once on-site attendees gain access to innovative marketing research and audience engagement strategies through a series of dynamic session trainings, panel discussions and workshops. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from experts from the field and network with arts marketers from across the country.
78th Annual Conference for Community Arts Education
November 11-14 | Philadelphia, PA

Arts education creates hope, fuels the imagination, sparks creativity, and can be a powerful force for social justice and the vitality of our communities. Ensuring that all people have access to quality arts learning opportunities requires strong leadership and the collective action of diverse stakeholders. Join more than 600+ leaders from across the country-staff, teaching artists, trustees, students, and our partners in other sectors-as we explore innovative ideas and practical strategies for growing programs, increasing impact and participation, securing financial support, and ensuring equity.
For complete information and to register for the conference visit the National Guild for Community Arts Education site at http://communityartsed.nationalguild.org/Home.aspx.
2016 Statewide Arts and Culture Conference | Anchorage, AK
April 28-30, 2015
Please save the date for our biennial arts conference! We are in the process of exploring compelling themes, topics and national speakers for the convening. Like our last conference, we will be engaging Alaskan artists in the planning and production of the event. Be on the lookout for the opportunity to apply to be a conference Partner Artist, which will open in the fall. If you have any ideas to share with us, please send them our way by emailing aksca.info@alaska.gov.
2016 Bunnell Street Arts Center: Artist in Residence
Application Deadline: October 31, 2015

Bunnell Street Arts Center presents an Artist in Residence program for visiting artists from Alaska, US and International artists to create and share artwork that activates the Arts Center's space and surrounding outdoor neighborhood sites. Bunnell's Artist in Residence presents opportunities through art to explore creative placemaking: strengthening the physical, social and economic fabric of the community through the arts.

Bunnell seeks artist-led projects featuring community engagement through art such as poetry, new media, film, music, ephemeral art, dance, painting, theater, installation, creative writing or sculpture at the arts center and surrounding community.

To apply, register with www.callforentry.org and submit a one page statement of intent, one-page resume and five work samples and $25 application fee by October 31, 2015. Residencies will be awarded by December 1, 2015 and scheduled for February, March and April, 2016. Do not submit applications directly to Bunnell Arts Center.
The Anchorage Symphony is looking for a Patron Services and Office Manager, responsible for general office administrative duties, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and all ticket functions.  This position reports directly to the Executive Director. 

Please send cover letter, resumé and 3 references to ASO@YourASO.org. 
Call 274-8668 with any questions. For a complete job description, click here.

Graphic and Digital Media Designer
The Anchorage Museum is seeking a Graphic and Digital Media Designer. This position is responsible for assisting with the creation, design, production, and installation of museum graphics including exhibition graphics and labels, program identities and flyers, illustrations info-graphics, and digital media. This position also creates and edits visual media for the museum, including photography and video for exhibition, program and online platforms. The incumbent will participate in all facets of design and production, including graphic, photo, digital media, and video production.

Visitor Engagement Assistant
The Anchorage Museum is recruiting for temporary Visitor Engagement Assistant for Van Gogh Alive - The Experience. This position performs cashier duties and provides an engaging experience for museum visitors. Incumbents work variable scheduled hours conforming to the Museum's seasonal hours and organizational needs.
Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator
The Anchorage Museum is currently recruiting for a full-time Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator to provide high-level administrative and managerial support for the museum; with particular attention paid to the Museum Director and the Board of Directors. This position provides advanced and confidential administrative support and facilitates the executive administrative offices through performance of reception and clerical duties and assists with managing projects; ranging from curatorial to strategic, within the Museum Director's office.  
The Anchorage Museum is currently recruiting for a full-time Educator in its Discovery Center. Under the general direction of the Programs & Planetarium Manager, the Educator is responsible for the development and delivery of education programming that crosses discipline boundaries and uses the talents and knowledge of staff and the material and intangible resources of the Anchorage Museum in order to provide innovative experiences that enhance understanding and foster curiosity about Alaska and the circumpolar North.
Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
FSAF is currently looking to hire new winter staff! If you are interested in any of the job descriptions below or know someone who might be a good fit, please send a resume and cover letter to Emilie Wright, Operations and Communications Manager at ewright@fsaf.org.

Kawerak recruiting for Alaska Native Cultural Center Director in Nome
Interested individuals may contact Human Resources with questions at 907-443-5231.
Applications can be accessed via Kawerak's website at www.kawerak.org or by contacting Human Resources at 907-443-5231.  Applications may be faxed to Kawerak Human Resources at 907-443-4443 or sent via email to personnel@kawerak.org by October 5th.
Job Description is attached, here.
Articles of Interest
Rights & Reproductions: The Handbook for Cultural Institutions by the Indianapolis Museum of Art  and American Alliance of Museums. 
This new publication is the result of two years hard work by numerous individuals. The handbook is only $1.99 for AAM members ($4.99 for non-members). Read more about the handbook here. You may purchase your copy online via AAM's website. For more information about this publication, contact Anne M. Young, Chair, Rights and Reproductions Committee, ayoung@imamuseum.org 
The Knight Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and WESTAF are sponsoring a preliminary study on communications within the nonprofit arts field, and we invite you to participate in a simple online survey.
This study seeks to gain valuable information on: 
* How we communicate internally within our organizations 
* How we communicate externally within the sector 
* How we manage the growth in all communications 
* What the impact is on our organizations of that growth in communications
Oddly, there is little to no data on how nonprofit arts organizations communicate. This brief online survey will yield some baseline information on communications behaviors, habits, and perceptions in the field.
The survey is completely anonymous, consists of multiple choice, scale, and interval questions only (no narrative responses), and should take roughly 15-20 minutes to complete.
In exchange for your time and consideration in completing the survey, we will, at the request of each survey respondent, enter their name into a random drawing for an Apple Watch. Additionally, we will enter the name of the respondent's organization into a separate drawing for a $500 cash award, payable to that organization. Click  here to complete the survey.
The survey will close on Friday, October 16th, 2015. All responses must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. MST. Please encourage others in your organization to take the survey as well, and feel free to pass on the link to your members, clients, grantees, and constituents. 
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ASCA Staff
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Saunders McNeill, Native & Community Arts Program Director
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Andrea Noble-Pelant, Visual and Literary Arts Program Director
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Laura Forbes, Arts in Education Program Director
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Janelle Matz, Alaska Contemporary Art Bank Manager
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Gina Signe Brown, Administrative Manager
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Keren Lowell, Office Assistant
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ASCA Council Members

Adelheid "Micky" Becker (Anchorage)
Benjamin Brown, Chair (Juneau)  
Peggy MacDonald Ferguson (Fairbanks)
Nancy Harbour (Anchorage)
Patrick Race (Juneau)
Aryne Randall (Wasilla)
Jeffry Silverman (Anchorage)
Josie Stiles (Nome)
William F. Tull (Palmer)
Mary Wegner (Sitka)
Kes Woodward (Fairbanks)

For additional information, please visit our web site:  http://education.alaska.gov/aksca/  


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