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June 2014
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PPA windfall should benefit kids
Parents: We believe in public schools
Parents United wins lobbying complaint
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1000 protest Corbett
On Monday, 1000 parents, students, school staff and Philadelphians rallied for education at a fundraising event for Governor Corbett. The Governor ditched his original location and fled to another but hundreds marched through the streets to demand full funding for schools and to stop the attack on teachers. Read more here.
Revival From the Roots: Tour of Philly's Neighborhood Schools

"Tour Philly Schools with Parents United"
Parents United partnered with Media Mobilizing Project and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers to produce a video tour of Philly schools called "Revival from the Roots." We are partnering with other schools around the city to highlight why public education matters. Let us know if you want to be part of this project!
Parents on testing
Parents United's Robin Roberts led the call around growing opposition to high stakes testing. She was featured in a front page Inquirer story, on "Radio Times," and in an Inquirer editorial. Read her great post here! Go Robin!
Meet our intern Sadie
Sadie Sprague-Lott, a junior at Science Leadership Academy spent her year with us at Parents United, writing and attending meetings and events. Read her post on student activism. Thanks for your work Sadie!

This is it. 

City Council ends its session on June 19th. Up in the air is $96 million to ensure our schools don't receive any additional cuts. The public needs to descend on City Hall if our children are going to get what they need. Harrisburg is next.

You've already helped win $120 million from City Council through the sales tax extension. We need City Council to deliver
$96 million more 
in order to ensure no additional cuts next year. We must go to Harrisburg for the rest of the funds to restore our counselors, librarians, nurses and school staff back in our buildings.
There are tons of activities happening win the coming weeks. (Check our Parents United calendar on our website for the latest information). You don't need to do everything. But we all have to do something.
June 19th: City Hall, Council's last session 10 a.m.
 Time is running out. Council failed to deliver for our schools last year letting us suffer a doomsday budget that brought harm to children and families all over the city. Next year's city council elections are right around the corner. Let your Council members know: We won't forget their actions or inactions.
Ensure $96 million for schools to avoid cuts
Read Helen Gym's op-ed on Council's responsibility


Parking Authority's windfall should benefit schools and the city - not the PPA
A planned sale of taxicab licenses could net $18-22 million but who benefits?
Parents United has partnered with the TaxiWorkers Association, Liberty Resources, Inc., Disabled in Action, Education  Voters PA, the ARC, and the NAACP to demand that a pending sale of new taxicab licenses benefits ALL Philadelphians. This summer the PPA will put up for sale 45 taxicab licenses, each expected to garner between $400-500,000 apiece. Currently that money goes to the State Treasury then right back into the PPA coffers. Instead, our coalition calls upon the PPA to create more wheelchair accessible cabs, and use the funds to develop a taxicab driver relief fund and money for schools. It's a win-win. You can help by contacting State Rep. John Taylor at 215-425-0901 and urge him to support this effort. Learn more here!
Taxi Workers and Parents Speak out at the Philly Parking Authority Board Meeting
Taxi Workers and Parents Speak out at the Philly Parking Authority Board Meeting

Parents: We believe in public schools
Edward Steel and Munoz-Marin parents voted overwhelmingly in favor of staying public and demanding more resources
Victories in our Philadelphia schools are hard to come by, but last month parents challenged the narrative of failing schools and re-defined a new vision for schools and communities. Both Edward T. Steel and Luis Munoz-Marin parents voted overwhelmingly to remain public schools, despite aggressive lobbying campaigns by charter operators which had targeted them for takeover. The vote for public education was a resounding statement by an overwhelming majority of parents to reinvest in our neighborhood public schools. Their vote shut down attempts to shame and divide stable and established school communities. Instead parents talked about strong teacher & staff relationships, stable leadership, a culture of respect, and meaningful parent voice - not just pretenses at parent "choice." Read more about these tremendous voices on our blog. Thank you to parents at both schools for making your voices heard!


Parents United wins lobbying complaint
City Ethics Board fines Philadelphia Schools Partnership for unreported lobbying related to Universal Enrollment, school closings

Last December, Parents United filed a formal complaint with the City Ethics Board around the ed reform group Philadelphia School Partnership, which has promoted school closings, eliminating teacher protections, charter expansion and universal enrollment. The Ethics Board ruled in our favor, arguing that PSP had indeed lobbied District, SRC and City officials (including the Mayor and the city's education department) without registering as lobbyists. The fines were minimal, but the message was significant. Big money is at play in "ed reform" ventures that are neither locally grown nor locally supported. Read more: How Philly's most powerful ed reform group broke the law.


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Parents United for Public Education is a citywide group of parents fighting for a quality budget for schools that guarantees adequate and equitable resources, staffing and programs for every child in every school. We believe a vocal and engaged group of parents humanizes the discussion around our schools and is a central part of any sustainable transformation of our approach to public education and public schooling. Learn more at