Parents United for Public Education
Our kids deserve a free ride!

Restore free transportation for all
school-age students in Philadelphia


Every day, tens of thousands of Philadelphia students - public, private and parochial - ride yellow school buses or receive free transpasses to ensure that they get to school safely and without cost. In an effort to save $38.5 million, the School District of Philadelphia has announced it will eliminate free transportation for all public, private and parochial students beginning in September 2011.  Here's what that costs hardworking families in a city where one out of three children lives below poverty level:


  • One child roundtrip without transfers = $558 per year
  •  One child with a transfer = $918 per year
  •  A family with three children and one transfer = over $2,700 a year!
  •  Families without cars and with children too young to ride the transit system alone would see their costs multiply even more.

New York City and Portland, OR provide their students with free transportation. If we're committed to quality education, we must maintain a free and accessible transportation system for all school-aged children.

Why should the city pay?

  • Because the city contribution to the public schools hasn't significantly changed since 2007;
  • Because communities fought to improve the District's share of property tax revenue in 2007, and last year City Hall reduced that share from 60% to 55% - a difference of almost $60 million;
  • Because a targeted use of increased city funds makes sense for parents and fiscal watchdogs;
  • Because we can't fight for more funding in Harrisburg without the City showing its investment in its own schools.
  • Because if anyone deserves a free ride, it's thousands of school aged children in Philadelphia who need a free and safe ride to school!

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Mon., May 23rd, 12-2 p.m.

Meet near the northeast elevators on the 3rd floor.

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May 25th, 1-3 p.m.: Public Testimony
Call 215-686-3407 to register and testify





Education Committee
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Our kids deserve a free ride -

Restore free transportation for all students!


Parents United for Public Education
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