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August 5, 2014 - Vol 6, Issue 16
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Must-Read Media Coverage: IPI and Sustainable Parking Shine in Atlantic CityLab
IPI Partners with the Brazilian Parking Industry
Are You Ready to Partner with IPI?
Cali to Host Colombia's FIrst Parking Industry Conference
Wouldn't Things Be Better If There Was A Formula for Organizational Change?
How Do I Apply for the CAPP?
Finished Your Summer Reading? Add Sustainable Parking Design & Management to the List
Cleveland Clinic CARES About Parking Symposium 2014
SFpark Technical Manual Now Available Online
Get Your Parking Green On
Take a Course With You This Summer!
EV Squatting: Coming to a Charger Near You
Find Your Green Garage Champion!
New Parking Jobs Posted
New RFPs Posted
Learn from Your Peers at the Parking Matters Blog
Industry Headlines - From IPI's Social Media
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Must-Read Media Coverage: IPI and Sustainable Parking Shine in Atlantic CityLab
Take a five-minute break to read this wonderful pro-parking article in Atlantic CityLab, a major media outlet. This is an on-target outcome of IPI's Parking Matters® program to advance the parking profession. The article stars Rachel Yoka, LEED, AP BD+C; Casey Jones, CAPP; Paul Wessel (GPC, an affiliate of IPI); and Josh Kavanagh, representing the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT). Special thanks to Rachel for spending a very productive day in Philadelphia with reporter Amy Crawford. Read the full story here.


IPI Partners with the Brazilian Parking Industry

IPI is proud to partner with Abrapark, the Brazilian Parking Association and Expo Parking to host a conference for parking professionals in Brazil. The conference will be held at the Expo Center in São Paulo, Brazil, October 28-30, 2014. This conference will include exhibits focused on parking and transportation services and equipment, and three days of professional development training. A special feature of this conference will be an awards program that recognizes parking facilities in the following categories:


  • Parking Facilities (Fewer than 500 Spaces)
  • Parking Facilities (500 or More Spaces)
  • Innovation in Operational Management
  • Renovation of an Existing Facility


IPI and Abrapark leaders developed this concept during the last year and expect a very strong showing. For those seeking to learn more about the conference, visit www.abrapark.com.br. To submit an entry for the awards program no later than September 15, 2014, contact Ana at Abrapark at premio@abrapark.com.br for more information.


Are You Ready to Partner with IPI?

IPI and the State and Regional Associations have been quite busy over the summer rolling out education for this fall. Get ready for some awesome opportunities!


Southwest Parking and Transportation Association (SWPTA) and IPI are partnering at SWPTA's annual conference, offering a "CAPP point" class on Sunday, September 21, from 1-3 PM at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas!  This class will be a manager level leadership course that also adds two points toward your CAPP application or recertification. Click here to register!


California Public Parking Association (CPPA) and IPI are partnering on a full day of education at CPPA's Annual Conference and Trade Show, November 14 in Los Angeles.  One half of the day will be Parking Enforcement and the other half will be Conflict Resolution education.  Both of these courses will earn participants points toward their CAPP applications or recertification. Click here to register!


In addition to these terrific opportunities, IPI is partnering with T2 during their User Group Conference on Monday, November 3 in Indianapolis, Ind.  IPI, in collaboration with T2 and members of the IPI Technology Committee, will present a full day of education that will earn participants points towards their CAPP applications or recertification.  Click on this link to register!


Please note that each of these three education opportunities is a certificate course with an end of course assessment that requires a score of 70 percent or better to pass the course and receive a certificate.


There have been significant changes to the CAPP Program that were implemented July 1, 2014. These changes affect the way candidates apply for the CAPP exam.  Formerly, CAPP candidates would apply into the program and then complete their mandatory education of prescribed classes over a two-year period. Currently, to adhere to international standards for credentialing, all 25 professional development hours required for the CAPP application must be completed before the application is submitted. The 25 professional development hours can be completed at the potential CAPP candidate's convenience over a five-year period.


For more information on any of these opportunities, please contact Kathleen Federici.


Cali to Host Colombia's First Parking Industry Conference

The International Parking Institute (IPI) will host an International Parking Conference and Expo in Cali, Colombia, Sept. 22-23. Presented in English and Spanish with simultaneous translation, the conference focus is "Re-think Parking: New Ideas, New Technology."  Leading parking and transportation experts will provide practical solutions and real-world examples of how parking can better integrate with existing modes of transportation.


Government officials, architects, urban planners, transportation officials, and economic decision-makers are encouraged to register for the meeting to learn more about how important parking is to livable, walkable communities. 


The IPI International Conference and Expo will take place at the Hotel Spiwak Chipichape in Cali.  Rooms are available at a discounted rate of $123 USD for conference attendees.


For more information, to register, or reserve a booth click here.
Wouldn't Things Be Better If There Was A Formula for Organizational Change?

Join us as Mark Napier, CAPP, from the University of Arizona presents a webinar on "How to implement organizational change and manage performance improvement." 


This webinar will demonstrate how to use a change management formula and think like an athlete when addressing performance improvement.  When we think like athletes, we can effectively manage performance improvement in stagnant organizations and work through some of the perceived barriers to performance improvement.  We will discover how exercise physiology can be applied by an effective leader to improve performance, even for a reluctant work group.  The most exciting part of this webinar is the fact that everything covered applies to our personal lives, not just our professional pursuits. 


Mark Napier is a CAPP who serves as Associate Director - Operations for Parking & Transportation Services at the University of Arizona.  Mark holds a bachelor's degree in social psychology (summa cum laude) from Park University and a master's degree from Boston University.  Prior to entering the parking industry, Mark held executive-level leadership positions in law enforcement and was a very active adult educator.  He serves on the Safety and Security and Education and Development committees at IPI.


Wednesday, August 20 at 2:00 p.m. EDT/ 11:00 a.m. PDT (60 minutes)

$35.00 for IPI members

$50.00 for Non-members*


For more information and to register!


All CAPP candidates and graduates who register and participate in the webinar will receive .5 points toward their CAPP certification or recertification requirements.


How Do I Apply for the CAPP?

What are the steps I need to complete to become a CAPP candidate and complete my CAPP application?


Step One: Complete your required minimum 25 professional development/continuing education points.  One point is equal to one hour of education.  Please make sure your education satisfies a need from the content exam outline, page 9 - 13 of the CAPP Candidate Handbook. You may also choose to take more classes once accepted as a CAPP candidate to become better prepared.


Step two: Complete your application:

  1. Complete information about yourself.
  2. Log all the courses you took to satisfy your 25 professional development hours/points. You have five years to obtain these points at your convenience either by taking online or instructor-led courses that align with the areas of the CAPP exam content outline.
  3. Log your experience. You need a minimum of three years in the parking profession in a supervisory or managerial role.
  4. Provide information on your formal education.
  5. Ask a current CAPP in good standing or your employment supervisor to attest that the information on your application is correct by completing the endorsement form.  Endorsements must be received via USPS or courier independent of the application.

Step 3: Submit your application. The fee to apply for the CAPP credential is $450 (IPI members) or $700 (non-IPI members) U.S., which includes a non-refundable $100 application fee.


Step 4: Your application will be reviewed and if approved, you will become a CAPP candidate. You will have 365 days from the date your application was approved to take the online exam at an approved testing center site. 


These are the four items you need to complete and submit to be accepted as a CAPP candidate


  1. Professional experience.
  2. Formal education.
  3. Professional development education hours.
  4. Endorsement form.


For more information, download the CAPP Candidate Handbook here


Finished Your Summer Reading? Add Sustainable Parking Design & Management to the List!

Sustainable Parking Design & Management, released this summer, addresses the critical relationships and interactions between parking and transportation in sustainability.


This new publication provides best practices in parking and transportation that relate directly to parking planning, design, and operations.  Topics include renewable energy, greening surface parking assets, energy efficiency, operations, and case studies that will challenge you to take your organization to the next level.

This manual is available in both hard copy and e-book formats. Place your order today!

Cleveland Clinic CARES About Parking Symposium 2014


Don't miss this opportunity to learn how the award-winning Cleveland Clinic Parking Services team operates 44,000 spaces, 11 garages, 116 surface lots, 50,000 internal customers, and 24 valet locations. 


The dynamic two-day event will include six sessions reviewing the innovative CARES model that efficiently and effectively balances patients, employees, visitors, and guests, all while keeping "patients first." 


Click here to read an article published in The Parking Professional magazine highlighting last year's event. 


The Symposium includes a sit-down lunch at the InterContinental Hotel's Grand Ballroom, Happy Hour and hors d'oeuvres at the Clinic's Historic Foundation House, a Cleveland Indians baseball game at Progressive Field, optional rooftop sunrise yoga and/or breakfast with beautiful views of Lake Erie and downtown. Also featured will be a guided tour of the Cleveland Clinic campus highlighting the parking operations. (This is all included in your registration fee of $195.) 


For more information and to register click here.


SFpark Technical Manual Now Available Online

The purpose of the SFpark Technical Manual is to provide guidance for the technical groups involved with implementing SFpark-like parking management technology. It documents the technical approach and high-level design of the data management system and provides a detailed reference material for the data management system the SFMTA developed for SFpark. The aim is to provide a useful reference point for other cities that are considering relatively sophisticated parking pricing programs. Download the manual here.


Get Your Parking Green On

Colleges, municipalities, parking consultants, construction firms, architects, commercial properties, and more are getting their parking green on.  How about you?  Green Garage Certification offers garage owners and operators a pathway to environmental sustainability.  Bolster your operational efficiency. Maximize the value in your parking spaces.  Strengthen community relationships.  Get your copy of the Green Garage Certification Standard today and get your green on, too!

Take a Course With You This Summer!

IPI's Online Courses & Training are convenient ways for learning over summer months!  They are portable as long as you have a laptop or iPad.  If you travel a lot, these six courses can travel with you.


Each course has interactions, assessments and scenarios that guide you through the learning and content. 


IPI offers organizations an annual organizational subscription as well as organizational bulk purchases.  Please contact Lauri Chudoba to learn more.


Learn more and register for one or all of the online courses and training here.
EV Squatting: Coming to a Charger Near You

It happens all the time: Driving down the road, you glance at your fuel gauge to see it's nearly empty. You pull into the gas station, line up behind the car at the pump, and see there's nobody there actually pumping gas. Maybe that driver is in the convenience store or the restroom or off wandering the neighborhood--who knows? But they're not refueling, they are blocking the pump, heaven only knows how long they'll be gone, and you still need gas.


Frustrating? You bet. Now transfer that scenario to a parking garage or lot, swap out your SUV for a Nissan Leaf, and picture that gas pump as an electric vehicle (EV) charger that's blocked by a car that's not charging. The owner could come back in an hour or a day. There's no way to tell. But it's the only charger in the facility, and you need it.


This is charger squatting, and it's coming to a parking facility near you. Read all about how municipalities, airports, and private owners are dealing with it in the August issue of The Parking ProfessionalAlso in this issue:


  • What societal trends mean for the future of parking.
  • How cutting unnecessary costs can help your operation succeed.
  • Why lighting dimmers aren't necessarily the right electricity-saving option for you.
  • Your 2014 IPI Conference & Expo scrapbook.


The August issue now online. IPI members can read it here. Have a great story idea? Contact editor Kim Fernandez. Want to advertise? Get in touch with Bonnie Watts, CEM


Find Your Green Garage Champion!
GPC IPI logo Looking for an expert to guide you through Green Garage Certification? The first class of Green Garage Assessors can advise you on garage sustainability and the certification process. Reach out to an Assessor today and take your first step towards certification! Contact GPC's Trevyr Meade to sign up for information on upcoming trainings.

New Parking Jobs Posted

IPI Career HQ

Have a job to post? Reach thousands of parking professionals at parking.org/careers. Looking for a job in the parking industry? View our latest listings: 


Parking Operations Manager - Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority


Parking Supervisor - City of Grosse Pointe


Parking Manager - The City of Phoenix


Director of Transportation and Parking - The University of Chicago


Project Manager - Walter P Moore


Operations Manager, Parking & Transportation - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Systems Analyst I - University of Mississippi


Parking Division Director - City of Santa Fe


View more job listings  


New RFPs Posted
RFP crop
These are the latest parking RFPs available at the IPI RFP Portal. Access to complete RFP details is a benefit of IPI membership.


City of West Hollywood

For: Parking Enforcement


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
For: Parking Management


City of Berkeley
For: Equipment Provider for Automated Parking Data Collection and Enforcement


Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh

For: Design, Delivery and Operation of a Parking Ticket Processing and Enforcement Support System 


City of Fargo

For: Parking Management Services


View all RFPs  


Organizations can post RFPs at no charge. For more information, contact T.J. Cantwell at 571.699.3011. 


*Not an IPI member, but want access to the RFPs?  Join Now!


Learn from Your Peers at the Parking Matters® Blog

PM blog logoSign up to receive Parking Matters® Blog posts and see them as they are published. Recent posts:


  • Glow in the Dark by Isaiah Mouw, CAPP
  • How Premium Can a Parking Space Get? by Frank L. Giles
  • Why National Heatstroke Prevention Day Should Matter to Parking Professionals by Helen Sullivan
  • A Recipe to Reframe the Parking Matters® Conversation by Bridgette Brady, CAPP

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Industry Headlines From IPI's Social Media
Did you know that IPI provides an easy way to follow the latest news and trends in the parking and transportation industries? Join us on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, Pinterest, and the Parking Matters® Blog. Here are just a few examples of the stories you may have missed:
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Today is National #Heatstroke Prevention Day. Download and share public service ad & fact sheet free from IPI here http://ow.ly/zNvs7

Why National #Heatstroke Prevention Day Should Matter to Parking Professionals #heatstrokekills#checkforbaby http://ow.ly/zNYSB