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February 4, 2014 - Vol 6, Issue 3
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Green Garage Certification Beta Test Rolls Out Across North America
CAPP Candidates in Front of the Camera!
Q&A from IPI's Event Parking Webinar
Less Than a Month Left to Save on Registration
IPI's Next Webinar: Wide Wide World of Payments
New Parking Jobs Posted
The Parking Professional: Parking Without Apology
Staying Current in the Field
New RFPs Posted
Learn from Your Peers at the Parking Matters Blog
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Green Garage Certification Beta Test Rolls out Across North America
Fifty-five parking facilities across North America that enrolled in the Green Garage Certification Beta site review are generating valuable information and building excitement for the summer 2014 launch of Certification 1.0. 

The beta's field testing is fine-tuning the certification program and assessment tools, and an added bonus has been extraordinary feedback from and education of parking garage owners and operators. Local managers of commercial, university, airport, hotel, and hospital parking facilities are excited to see how their sites measure up to the programmatic, managerial, and technological elements of Green Garage Certification and are even using the program as a planning tool for future facility upgrades. 

Volunteers from the  GPC Certification and IPI Sustainability committees are gathering the data and evaluating the field experience to prepare the final program for launch. For more information, see or contact Trevyr Meade.

CAPP Candidates in Front of the Camera!

Last week, a room full of Certified Administrators of Public Parking (CAPP) candidates met in Baltimore for three days of training.  Roamy Valera, SP Plus Corporation, presented a parking enforcement-focused course and afterwards, the candidates went through two intensive days of media training.  With a focus on 24/7 news coverage in the media more and more parking professionals are being interviewed by reporters. Last week's training included preparing for an interview, building relationships with local media to share the value your parking program provides, and simulated radio and television interviews. 


Next up for the CAPP program is the Parking Management course, taught by instructors from the University of Virginia during the 2014 IPI Conference & Expo, May 31-June 4, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.  To find out about this course and other ways to participate in IPI coursework go here. 
Q&A from IPI's Event Parking Webinar

In last week's webinar, participants learned how Washington State University (WSU) developed an event parking model to address safety and service issues created by a quickly-growing demand for tailgate parking. They learned how, through a collaborative process, a system that was constantly plagued with problems has transitioned into one of the best parts of WSU's game day experience while experiencing a 21 percent capacity reduction, 200 percent revenue increase, and some of the highest demand ever. A sample of the question and answer segment is below:


If vehicles are able to park in lots beginning on Thursday at 6 p.m., where do relocated parkers (who were in those lots) go on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?


On Friday, the RV lots are shared with regular permit holders. Only about 30 percent of the RVs arrive on Thursday night, leaving many of the spaces available for permit holders on Friday. We have capacity in nearby permit lots for faculty, staff, students, and visitors who are displaced by RV parking. RVs that arrive on Friday wait in the staging area if they are unable to find spaces. Beginning Friday at 6 p.m., all regular permit holders must be out of the RV lots. Although inconvenienced, permit holders have been cooperative during the shared use arrangement.


IPI members can access the full Q&A transcript here and everyone can access the archived webinar here.
Less Than a Month Left to Save on Conference Registration

Conference logo 2014

The advance registration deadline for the 2014 IPI Conference & Expo is February 28. Experience the most up-to-date technology and innovations. Network with more than 2,700 of your peers and parking industry leaders. Capitalize on the best parking-specific education anywhere. Take advantage of advance registration rates when you register now for the 2014 IPI Parking Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas, June 1-4. 


For more information and to register.


IPI's Next Webinar: Wide Wide World of Payments

The Wide Wide World of Parking Payments is the fifth in a series of parking-specific presentations by IPI's Parking Technology Committee. This year's all-new webinar provides an overview of the currently available payment options, covers the historical side of payments, and offers a preview of what the future holds. The webinar will explore the different portals and payment channels customers can use to pay for their parking, how card transactions flow through the processing network, and how cost structures differ among payment types, including the costs of equipment and staff. The webinar will also explain the new Europay, Mastercard, Visa (EMV) credit card standard that is headed our way.

Following this webinar, you will have a better understanding of: 
1. The credit card clearing and settlement process and who the players are.
2. The cost associated with different payment types, including real-world examples.
3. The operational considerations associated with different payment methods.



Tom Wunk, CAPP, is vice president, PARCS Solutions for T2 Systems, Inc. He is a Certified Administrator of Public Parking and teaches a number of sessions for the IPI CAPP Program. 


Wednesday, February 26 at 2:00 p.m. EST/ 11:00 a.m. PST (60 minutes)

$35.00 for IPI members

$50.00 for Non-members*


For more information and to register!


All CAPP candidates and graduates who register and participate in the webinar will receive .5 points toward their CAPP certifications or recertification requirements.  


New Parking Jobs Posted
The Parking Professional: Parking Without Apology 

The February issue of The Parking Professional showcases articles covering technologies and examples of parking and working within individual communities' needs. This issue features: 


Paying Power: What you need to know about parking payment technologies and how they'll affect your operation.


Think in Groups: The evolution of the multi-space parking meter.


The Critical Rear View: What safety-minded rear-view cameras and legislation may mean for drivers and the parking industry.


Simple as a Wave: A new payment system is on the horizon to potentially revolutionize commuting.


Striding for Community Success: Parking professionals team up with wellness experts in Greensboro, N.C.


Parking without Apology: A high-energy firm builds a garage to match its historic offices, with some high-tech, futuristic features.


Navigating the Maze: Ten tips for surviving a new technology implementation, from a parking department supervisor who's been there.


Questions, comments, or thoughts about The Parking Professional? Share them with editor Kim Fernandez.
Staying Current in the Field

Don't get stuck reliving the same old educational experiences over and over again. Try out IPI's Online Courses & Training for a new experience.  The courses will offer you an interactive experience, avatars that guide you through the content, and the ability to stay current in the field. The courses offer insights and up-to-date information on the industry with a focus on relevant topics. Develop the knowledge and skills that are critical to success right from your desktop or iPad! 


IPI offers special pricing for bulk order purchases of more than five courses. Contact Lauri Chudoba to learn more.

Learn more and register for one or all of the online courses and training here.


New RFPs Posted
RFP crop
These are the latest parking RFPs available at the IPI RFP Portal. Access to complete RFP details is a benefit of IPI membership.


City of Dublin, Ohio
For: Construction of the Emerald Parkway Bridge Parking Lot Project


Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government
For: On-Street and Off-Street Parking Management Services 


Port of Portland

For: Operating and Managing the Portland International Airport Landside System


View all RFPs  


Organizations can post RFPs at no charge. For more information, contact Henry Wallmeyer at 540.371.7535. 


*Not an IPI member, but want access to the RFPs?  Join Now!


Learn from Your Peers at the Parking Matters® Blog

PM blog logoSign up to receive Parking Matters® Blog posts as they are published (about two to three times each week). Recent posts:


  • Parking in the Middle by Christina Onesirosan Martinez
  • New Year's Resolution: Customer Service by L. Dennis Burns, CAPP
  • On a Mission by Bridgette Brady, CAPP  

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Industry Headlines From IPI's Social Media
Did you know that IPI provides an easy way to follow the latest news and trends in the parking and transportation industries? Join us on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, Pinterest, and the Parking Matters® Blog. Here are just a few examples of the stories you may have missed:
Art-covered parking deck opens in central business district 


Automated parking garage to be built near Illinois campus 


Garage will donate fees collected Thursday to Toledo Fire and Rescue 


Need to plug your parking meter? Now there's an app for that 


Vegas touting business sponsorships for parking-style 'donation station' homeless fund meters


Green wall to grow from new parking garage 


Rome police asking motorists to highlight bad parking on Twitter 


Mall bans sidewalk and parking lot smoking


Parking police in Delray are a volunteer army


MPLS City Council to Consider Pay-By-Phone Parking