Organization of Real Time Brokers Implementing Technology                                                                          December 2012

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ORBiT's AGM raises many interesting topics
News worth sharing: ORBiT's 2012 successes
Member referral program
Broker's technology group
Online education centre
Working groups looking for members


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 Brokers in Motion - ORBiT Newsflash

ORBiT's 2012 AGM raises many interesting topics
Business People in MotionThank you to all who participated in ORBiT's 3rd AGM & Face to Face meeting in Toronto on November 27th. 


The meeting successfully brought brokers, carriers, vendors, as well as IBAO and CSIO together at the same table.  The meeting reinforced that ORBiT proudly continues to be a safe place where all stakeholders come together, politics left at the door, with one thing in mind - to work together to move real time forward for brokers. 


ORBiT's presentations touched on many interesting topics, including our goals and plans for 2013, working group progress reports and policy change demos.


The event saw heated and productive discussions on broker top priorities such as digital client experience, electronic payments and creating efficiencies. 


ORBiT is very excited about the Real Time opportunities ahead of us.  We look forward to continuing our discussions, information sharing and collaboration with all members of the broker distribution channel.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions at info@orbitcanada.ca or visit our website at www.orbitcanada.ca.


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News worth sharing: ORBiT's 2012 successes

2012 was ORBiT's most successful year to date. We ran our biggest and best Education Days event, and six (6) Working Groups addressed our members' most pressing Real Time issues.  We are now in the process of implementing best practice Real Time Workflows for Electronic Payments and New Business Quote & Bind.


The Electronic Payments working group is one step closer to streamlining the transfer of premiums from the Broker's office to a Carrier, improving service to the client and creating efficiencies for all. The group has completed its Best Practice Workflow and business case and had them reviewed by other working groups. After their review, the workflow and business case moved through the vetting process, on to the Road Mapping & Implementation group.


The Road Mapping group sent the workflow and business case to carriers and vendors to see if it is consumable. The responses received were positive, so we are now working on securing a pilot with carriers and vendors early in 2013. 


The New Business Quote & Bind working group has gone through a similar process.  The group has completed its Best Practice Workflow and business case which moved through the vetting process, on to the Road Mapping & Implementation group and then to carriers and vendors for their IT and business review. The group is now awaiting responses, and after the feedback is received, the Road Mapping & Implementation group will plot the priority to move it along, with the New Business Quote & Bind working group staying involved until the workflow is implemented on brokers' desktops.


2013 promises to be even better with EDT & Inquiry, Commercial Lines, Password Management & Digital Client Experience working on development and implementation of their best practice workflows.

ORBiT's member referral program

January is membership renewal time with ORBiT making a request of returning members: if you are pleased with the value you get from your membership - tell a friend!


ORBiT is now in its 4th year and each year the organization has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2012 alone our membership grew by 20%. More ORBiT members mean a bigger voice for brokers on critical industry issues. It also means more volunteers participating in ORBiT Working Groups, and ultimately, more Real Time workflows being rolled out in the Canadian broker distribution channel.


As a young organization, ORBiT is still something of a "best kept secret" in the industry. We would like your help in changing that. If you are a satisfied ORBiT member, we would like you to refer us to others in your network. To encourage you in this, we have launched our Member Referral Program.


Here's how it works:

  1. Click here to go to ORBiT's website and download our Referral Program form
  2. Enter the names and email addresses of the individuals you would like to refer, then email the form to info@orbitcanada.ca    
  3. We will send an email to each of those individuals indicating that you referred them to us. The email will include an introduction to ORBiT and information on how to join.
  4. As a Thank You, for each individual who becomes a member, we will send you a $25 VISA gift card.


ORBiT is very excited about our growing membership. We currently we represent more than 5000 brokers from 100 brokerages, accounting for over $5 billion in premium, as well as 13 companies, 10 vendors and 2 sponsors.


Our membership grew by 20% in 2012 and we expect the growth to continue in 2013. We hope our new Member Referral Program will encourage you to share the news about ORBiT with your friends and associates across the industry. 

Brokers' technology group focuses on "digital client experience," broker management systems

ORBiT had several media representatives at our AGM on November 27th, including Canadian Underwriter.  Click here to read an article written by Greg Meckbach, Canadian Underwriter Associate Editor, and read his take is on our discussions of the day.

ORBiT's online education centre

After ORBiT's 2012 Real Time Education Days that were held in May, we decided that we should not wait a whole year to provide great educational opportunities to all stakeholders of the broker distribution channel. 


In order to provide year round education to our members, ORBiT is working on setting up an online education centre - Real Time U. The centre will feature presentations, videos, webinars and documents that will help advancement of real time.


At the same time, we ask you to watch for our new website which will support our online education centre, provide more information and better connect with our members. Stay tuned for more information.

ORBiT's working groups looking  for members

Thank you to all who participated in the ORBiT Face to Face meeting in November. Your input was key in setting the course for 2013.  The following are the 2013 Working Groups as voted by the brokers who attended the meeting:

  • EDT/Inquiry
  • New Business Quote and Bind
  • Password Management
  • Real Time Payments
  • Digital Client Experience.
  • Commercial Lines
  • Media, Communications, Education and Implementation
  • Road Mapping and Implementation
  • Innovation Group - Brokers in Motion
  • Broker Implementation Group

We are pleased to share that the majority of our groups are busy working on their mandates and goals.  Some of the groups, such as the Innovation Group and Broker Implementation Group were formed in response to suggestions at the AGM.


All of our working groups are still looking for more brokers, carriers and vendors to join their ranks, especially our newest four (4) groups:  


Digital Client Experience


Please click here to email Jamie Martyn, the working group team leader to join the group or call 705-472-5930.


Password Management


Please click here to email Geoff Dunn, the working group team leader to join the group or call 905-481-3332.


Innovation Group - Brokers in Motion


Please click here to email Debbie Olsen, the the working group team leader to join the group or call 416-364-6306 ext. 500.


Broker Implementation Group - Team Leader: Chris Hill


Please click here to email Chris Hill, the working group team leader to join the group or call 519-579-4270.


Click here to learn more about these and other ORBiT working groups and to download Working Group Contact Form to let us know which working group(s) you can contribute to.