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Architects Greene and Greene live on!
Preservation of historic gems and the legacy of brothers
Robert Pitcairn, Jr., son of a prominent Pennsylvania Railroad executive, hired the Greene brothers back in 1906 to build him a new home.  He had previously resided in a home designed by the Greene brothers.  Brothers Charles Sumner Greene (1868-1957) and Henry Mather Greene (1870-1954) partnered together to create the Greene and Greene architectural firm.   The Greene brothers quickly established a reputation in the industry and although called upon to design buildings in Los Angeles, the Brothers focused on their love of residential design.  With their attention to detail and love of architecture, they created residential masterpieces such as the Gamble House and the Robert R. Blacker House located in Pasadena. Their design and completion of the Pitcairn House was the first time an array of very specific design elements came together in one home. This beautiful home still stands as a tribute to the Greene Brothers.   The home is being restored by Spectra Company. For more about the Pitcairn House, please Click Here!


Current Projects
Commencing - 
The Desmond Building
Recently purchased by Lincoln Property Company and leased by AEG, the Desmond building has seen better days. Built in 1916, this large building hosted a full-service outpost of Ohio automaker Willys-Overland Motor Co., which sold luxurious cars to the city's well-to-do. The building received it's name as a previous warehouse for Desmond's department store but has long since been abandoned. For additional information on the project and to view photos, please Click Here!For LA Curbed article, please Click Here!
In Progress -
Columbia Square
Built in 1938, Columbia Square was home to CBS's Los Angeles radio and television studios until 2007. The building is located on the original site of Nestor Studios, one of the first movie studios in Hollywood. The building was  designed by Swiss-born architect William Lescaze in the style of International Modernism. In 2009, the building was designated as a historic-cultural monument by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission. For additional information on the project and to view photos, please
Click Here!  For LA Curbed Article Click Here!
Recently Completed - Chapman University
This historic building, which has just been completed in its restoration and retrofit for adaptive reuse as a commissary for Chapman University, has quite the lineage. Built in 1904,

the building was most recently owned by

Anaconda Wire & Cable Company Complex yet had several previous tenants. Located in Orange, this building is not only a contributor to the Old Towne District but is also on the National Register of Historic Places.  For additional information on the project and to view photos, please  Click Here!
Home Sweet Home, Historic Kuns House is ready to be called home once more. 
On the Market
The newly restored Historic Kuns House in La Verne, CA was built in 1911 by Henry L. Kuns, a real estate agent, citrus rancher, humanitarian and first mayor of the city of Lordsburg -- the original name for La Verne. Having fallen into disrepair over the years, this gorgeous home was restored and updated by Spectra Company and is now ready to be loved by a family once again. For more information, please  Click Here. 


2014 LA Conservancy Awards 
Spectra Company received three awards at this year's Los Angeles Preservation Awards Ceremony -- including the Ace Hotel, Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, and the Hercules Campus. Congratulations to everyone on the team!  Click Here!
Spectra in the News!
Over the past few months Spectra Company has been featured in numerous news articles. For a list of recent publications please Click Here!
Viviana Dominguez, beauty is in the hand of the conservator!
Spectra Company has over a hundred extremely talented artisans including our lead consulting conservator, Viviana Dominguez. Viviana has worked in the field since 1983 preserving important private and public collections as well as national monuments throughout the United States. Not only is she a specialist in mural, easel and decorative paintings but also an educator in conservation all around the world. To learn more about Viviana, please click here!



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