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Wharton Gladden & Company is the fastest growing private boutique investment bank in the Southeast.  Our vision is to define the "Standard of Financial Excellence" by providing our clients with a wide range of financial services to help them meet their needs.  We consistently demonstrate that we are the "standard" with our ability to identify, negotiate, and close complex transactions.


The Firm aggressively focuses on serving the small to middle commercial and multifamily real estate market.  Our team of capital market experts has an extensive background in business finance and specializes in structured financial solutions for a diversified client base that includes corporations, real estate developers, financial institutions, investors, municipalities, and high-net worth individuals. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the capital they need through several high quality relationships in the capital markets.


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6th Annual Holiday Party & Toy Drive Bring Joy to Local Families

Algenon and Santa
Boutique investment banking firm Wharton Gladden & Company held its sixth Annual Holiday Party and Toy Drive at the Piedmont Club, collecting over 200 toys for triad families.

Clients and friends of the firm gathered for the festivities that included a silent auction benefiting the Power of One Fund. Wharton Gladden established the fund in 2009 to support local organizations that work in the areas of education, entrepreneurship and empowerment.


The evening began with a heartfelt tribute from Managing Director Algenon Cash as he explained how the idea for the Power of One Fund was sparked in his grandparents' kitchen in East Winston-Salem. 


"We didn't have a lot but I would come home and find my grandmother feeding the homeless person from around the corner."  Cash described a monumental moment in his childhood when his young mother attempted to explain why Santa would not be bringing him gifts that year. "She said she couldn't afford to pay him, but at seven-years-old I couldn't wrap my mind around that." After his family stepped in to save Christmas, Cash embraced a valuable lesson about the spirit of giving. "As we enjoy the view from the nineteenth floor of the Piedmont Club, know that there are families out there having this same conversation with their children."


This is the sixth year that Wharton Gladden has partnered with The Salvation Army and over time the firm has collected toys for over 400 area children. The Salvation Army partners with the organization to distribute toys across the region.

The Power of One
Antionette Kerr

When a friend, the managing director and founder of Wharton Gladden & Co., invited me to write a press release about a Christmas celebration set to take place at the peak of Winston-Salem's private Piedmont Club, I initially declined the offer.

Like many people, my holidays were filled with mandatory visits, events and work related parties. Quite honestly, lavish corporate Christmas parties just weren't my thing. But anyone who knows Algenon Cash knows that our charismatic friend rarely takes "no" for an answer. "Trust me, this isn't just another Christmas party," he insisted. "This party will benefit over 100 children through the Power of One Fund." I was suddenly interested but still thought "Who does PR about a Christmas party?"


It's hard for some to believe that the poised 35-year-old and highly-political Algenon Cash grew up on the rough east side of Winston-Salem. His list of accolades include being one of the Triad Business Journal's "40 Leaders Under Forty." Business Leader Media named Cash one of 30 "Triad Movers & Shakers" and one of 24 "Impact Leaders." He is one of 15 recipients of the National Developing Leaders Award and the North Carolina Energy Forum named Algenon Cash as Chairman. With all that being said, his speeches often begin with a reminder that he's a kid from the "block." After all, it was in a shotgun house in East Winston where his grandparents instilled in him a few of life's lessons that impacted how he conducts business today.


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The Holiday Vibe, Coffe and Small Acts of Humanity
Devani Alderson

This year I noticed a trend: People paying for the Starbucks drink of the person behind them.


Sometimes when I hear these things happen I wonder if there is some committee that decides this years giving theme will be "Pay for your friends coffee." I know this isn't the case, but it makes me smile when I hear how one simple gesture cheers someone's day.


At the 6th Annual Wharton Gladden Holiday Party, Algenon Cash stressed the fact that, "You don't need to be able to write a big check." He was referring to folks donating to the Power of One Fund that helps local charities, but I think the message is a good for any scenario.


Giving doesn't need to mean a big check. It only took a small cup of coffee at Starbucks to brighten someone's day, that's about $5, give or take. That's the reason I love this season.  It brings the best in humanity out.


Each One of Us Can Make a Difference
POF Investors

On June 2, 2009, Wharton Gladden & Company launched the Power of One Fund in honor of Annie Irene Wharton and Franklin J. Gladden.  The Fund was created during one of the greatest times of need when charities were experiencing drastic cuts in funding as a result of the "Great Recession".  


We recruited a talented group of volunteers to serve on an Operating Committee and they have worked tirelessly to serve the community and oversee the annual giving campaign.  Since 2009, the Fund has collected over 4,000 pounds of food to feed the hungry, raised over $20,000 to support charities, and helped over 400 families to experience the joy of Christmas.

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Skip Brown and Algenon Cash Careers at Wharton Gladden

As part of our ongoing effort to better serve clients and partners in the Southeast region, Wharton Gladden is offering several opportunities for highly motivated, entrepreneurial professionals to join our growing team.
Current opportunities include Senior and Junior Business Development Officer. Positions could be located in the Triad, Charlotte or the Raleigh-Durham area and would report to the Senior Director.


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