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September 2015

Solstice Yoga Center - Vacations, Workshops and Retreats in Mexico

We are thrilled to announce that Brigitte Longueville and David McAmmond will team up to teach their first-ever teachers training in Spain.  
A unique chance to get your knowledge directly from two true yoga veterans specialized in restorative and therapeutic yoga! 
June 19 - July 15, 2016

Rooted in Hatha Yoga, with emphasis on Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga

Taught in English and Spanish
After fifteen years teaching and training more than four hundred individuals in Restorative Alignment in Mexico, we wanted to make this training available in Europe. Set in the picturesque village of Bordils, our first European training will offer students an opportunity to delve into their yoga practice, to rest and restore, in an enchanting former estate nestled in  northern Spain near Barcelona.  
Hands on yoga teaching practice
Hands on teaching practice
People undergo teacher training for different reasons, and at different times in life. Whether it is to bolster an existing yoga practice, dive deeply into the study of alignment, or gain the confidence and knowledge to become a full-fledged teacher -a yoga teacher training can be a transformative life experience.
Our blend of Restorative and Therapeutic yoga allows people to move more deeply into yoga: to understand, to experience, and to feel the practice of yoga as a whole. With a solid foundation in the health and alignment of the spine, Brigitte Longueville's approach allows each student to tune into their own body, to connect with the dynamic personal experience, and to grow.

Restorative Yoga
Relieving spinal tension in restorative yoga pose
Relieve spinal tension in restorative pose
Learning to relax and strengthen the spine is the basis for strong yoga practice and healthy daily movements. Things often go wrong in the spine because of repetitive movements, decreased mobility, and stress, and as a result of sedentary modern life (too much sitting, computer time, and driving for hours on end). As a result of these activities, the spine can lose its healthy curves.  By returning the spine to its original foundation of strength and its natural curves, we affect not only the posture, but the nervous system, tissues, bones, and overall well-being of the body.  
Solstice Yoga Center's YTT reviews
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Transmitting these benefits to your students is nothing short of life-changing.
In pursuit of a mindful approach to Restorative Yoga, we offer an in-depth study on asana, pranayama, and meditation. By integrating more than the physical approach to yoga, we seek for our students to connect to the experience yoga as a holistic philosophy.

Teaching from the Heart
The Solstice Yoga Center's Teacher Training emphasizes that in order to teach yoga, you must develop a deep personal understanding of yoga. By providing students with daily instruction and practice in the art and science of yoga, students are offered the opportunity to experience the teachings on a profound, personal level. You will be invited, in Brigitte's terms, to come to see "relaxation as practice." This is an opportunity to stop trying to do yoga-a goal oriented approach that makes students tense, and loses focus on the true goal at stake. Under Brigitte's guidance, students instead learn to calm the body, and the mind, thereby creating the optimal state in which to experience and realize the full dynamic energy of an asana.

The Way of the Day 
Aided backbend
This is fun!
In the silence of the morning we begin the day with meditation and pranayama.
After breakfast we teach a dynamic flow with an emphasis on strong asanas, passive postures, anatomy, and restorative classes. Our morning practice is followed by a tasty, vegetarian lunch. In the afternoon, we regroup as a class for anatomy class and more asana practice (the emphasis in the afternoon will be on more cooling, restorative poses. We end our days at 4 p.m., allowing students time to regroup and have alone time before dinner.  

Anatomy plays a key role in our teacher training, by offering students the knowledge necessary to connect asana work with particular parts of the body, making associations not only with how it feels on an individual level, but how the postures relate on a muscular-skeletal level.
Our methodology is one of group work. We learn and practice together. Part of the process of learning is that of observation. With keen observation, students educate themselves on how to correct fellow students within asana poses to achieve proper alignment. We observe others and we look within to study how our bodies react in certain poses, and how we may find alignment even in the more challenging asanas.
At the completion of our four-week teacher training, each student will teach their own class, drawing upon the knowledge and resources garnered in our time together.  

Brigitte Longueville
Brigitte Longueville began her study of yoga as a nineteen-year old, when she first traveled to India. Her teachings are reflective of her training with international teachers and yogis in the
Brigitte Longueville teaching restorative yoga
Brigitte teaching a restorative yoga class
South Indian tradition, in pranayama, critical alignment, and Vipassana meditation. She is particularly grateful to her teachers Sri Pattabi Jois, Clive Sheridan, and Gert van Leeuwen for helping her on a lifetime journey into yoga.
Brigitte obtained her teaching certificate after completing a three-year course at the Critical Alighment Institute of yoga in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and teacher trainer (E-RYT500).
These days, you can find Brigitte teaching workshops in the United States, the Netherlands, Belgium, India, Antigua (West Indies), and Mexico. This is her first training session offered in Spain. Read more...  

David McAmmond
David McAmmond first became acquainted with yoga in 1963 when he began the study of eastern philosophy. His readings awakened his curiosity about meditation and, after attending classes on Transcendental Meditation (TM), he started his own practice of meditation and basic asanas.
David McAmmond teaching yoga Anatomy
David McAmmond teaching Anatomy

David holds teaching certification from The Yoga Centre of Calgary and the Yoga Association of Alberta, Canada and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. In 1995 he traveled to Pune, India, to train under Acharya Dr. S.V. Karandikar, one of the world's pioneers in Restorative Yoga and the founder and Director of the Kabir Baug Institute of Yoga Therapy. Over the last thirty years, David has inspired hundreds of yoga teacher trainees participating in various Teacher Training programs in Canada. To refine his practice and teaching, David is committed to researching the origins and development of yoga and meditation, as well as the possibilities for using yoga as therapy.
 Read more here... and here...

Can Tallada
An hour's drive from Barcelona and just fifteen minutes from the beautiful old city of Girona, on the edge of the ancient village of Bordils, lies Can Tallada.
With its towers, high ceilings, terraces, elegant fireplaces, traditional courtyard, and painted floors, Can Tallada is a place where energy, reflection, and rest are possible under one large roof.

From Can Tallada, the town square of Bordils is a short walk. Here you'll find a bakery, and the cozy cafe-bar Sippi for your late afternoon espresso. Across the fields, you'll see the sprawling orchards dotting the countryside. From Bordils it's a twenty-minute drive to the Costa Brava; the 'Rough Coast' that borders the mighty Pyrenees. With its rocky cliffs, beautiful beaches with crystalline water, the region is one of the most picturesque of the Mediterranean.

Can Tallada has generous indoor and outdoor spaces: beautiful individual rooms with balconies, a library, large kitchen, an outdoor pool, rose and herb gardens, and of course, a beautiful yoga studio.   
The course is divided into 2 parts each consisting of 4 blocks. Each block has its own theme:

Part 1 (Brigitte Longueville)
- Block 1: Standing poses and twists
- Block 2: Backbends and twists
- Block 3: Forward bends and twists
- Block 4: Teaching classes

Part 2 (David McAmmond + Brigitte Longueville)
- Block 5: Nervous system, breath and passive positions
- Block 6: Shoulder and pelvic girdle
- Block 7: Hips, knees and feet
- Block 8: Open classes with David

See the complete Itinerary...

Course Options
You can take the full course, or if 4 weeks is not doable you can do one half now, and the other half at a later date. Or take a short brake and immerse yourself for one week in a theme you always wanted to know more about...

We offer the following course options:

- Immersion course (choice of 2 consecutive blocks, 5 or 6 days) 
- 100 hours certificate* (choice of 1st or 2nd part, 2 weeks)
- RYT200 certificate** (full course, 4 weeks) 
For more information please visit our website. 
  please send me more info
 * This certificate counts towards a Yoga Alliance RYT200 registration.
** With this certificate you can register with Yoga Alliance as RYT200 teacher.

We are looking forward to seeing you!



The Solstice Yoga Center Team.



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