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March 2013

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Hello! I am Jose Luis, I am 20 years old, and I want to tell you about what happened to me.


Jose Luis - Yoga terapeutico con la BackMitra
Jose Luis Espinosa Gomez

A little more than two years ago I went on a trip with my friends to Zihuatanejo, and I had an accident. At the hotel where we were staying I took a dive into the pool with terrible results; I hit my head on the bottom and I broke my neck.  Although I was fully aware, I could not move my arms and legs, and I was drowning. Someone pulled me out of the water and I was taken to the hospital where I had an emergency operation to reconstruct the damaged 5th cervical vertebra; they had to use a bone from my hip to hold my spine with titanium plates and elastic bands. I had postoperative complications and suffered a cardiac arrest for 10 minutes. I was declared brain dead, and was subsequently induced into a coma to prevent more neurological damage. 10 days after that, my lungs collapsed because of an infection contracted from the water which entered my lungs when I was drowning.


Luckily the initial diagnose proved to be wrong: I woke up from the coma! I wasn't brain dead after all! I found myself in a hospital bed immobile from the neck down and needing an artificial respirator.  During the time in the hospital I started recovering little by little; I started breathing by myself, and after 4½ months I could sit up.


Since I got home I started an intense rehab program. I have worked with Carmina Gorraez who introduced the BackMitra into our sessions of therapeutic and restorative yoga. When I lie on the BackMitra I relax, improving my posture and my breathing, and my muscle spasticity (which is one of the consequences of spinal cord injury) is subsiding slowly.  The BackMitra has helped me to sit more upright and to move my arms and legs with greater ease.  


I'm sure that for people with injuries like mine, the BackMitra and therapeutic yoga are really helpful. I fully recommend it!

Jose Luis - Yoga restaurativo con BackMitra
Working with the BackMitra


Carmina Gorraez


Carmina studied psychology, neurodevelopment and rehabilitation and has several certifications in Pilates, Kid-Pilates, aqua-aerobics, swimming, dynamic canvases and Feldenkrais.

Carmina Gorraez - Curar espalda con BackMitra
Carmina Gorraez

She is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 certified teacher in Hatha Yoga and restorative alignment.

She practiced yoga for more than 10 years and about 5 years ago she began teaching private yoga classes and restorative therapies. She has worked with injured people, especially people with cerebral palsy and spinal cord injuries. Currently she is teaching therapeutic yoga classes at Arati Yoga in Querétaro, Mexico, and is working with fibromyalgia patients, improving their chronic pain episodes and sleep quality.

She has been studying with professors like Dr. Sheedara, Charly Pivert, David Swenson, Richard Freeman, and mainly with Brigitte Longueville, who besides being her teacher is her friend.



Restorative Yoga with the BackMitra

This is a short video on the presentation of the BackMitra at the 9th National Yoga Conference in Mexico City by Brigitte Longueville.

9th Yoga Conference - Restorative BackMitra Work with Birigitte Longueville
9th National Yoga Conference - Restorative BackMitra Work with Brigitte Longueville

More info on the BackMitra you can find at

200-hour Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Trainings

July 21 - August 23, 2013

October 20 - November 22, 2013



"Begin the adventure of a lifetime when you immerse yourself in the practice, study and teachings of yoga at the Solstice Teacher Training, for five weeks in the summer or fall of 2013."


David McAmmond teaching therapeutic restorative yoga
David McAmmond teaching anatomy


This highly recommended teacher training is a certified 200-hour Yoga Alliance Course (RYT200). It brings world-renowned teachers to Zipolite with students from around the world. It is designed for those that want to teach with confidence, enhance their teaching or simply deepen their personal practice.    


The heart of the program is daily instruction and practice of meditation, pranayama and asanas. This is complemented with in-depth teaching of ten integral aspects of yoga teaching:Book Now 




- Yoga Philosophy / Lifestyle / Ethics

- Asana Practice

- Pranayama

- Meditation

- Kriyas

- Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga

- Anatomy / Physiology

- Teaching Methodology

- Personal Teaching Experience

- Yoga as a Business


David McAmmond will be part of the 2013 Solstice Yoga Center's faculty!


Read more... 


  YTT RYT-200 graduates Solstice Yoga Center

"Experience the heart of yoga
to teach the joy of yoga."


Yoga Holidays on the Beach

Treat yourself to a relaxing yoga vacation on a warm sunny beach on the Mexican Pacific coast...


Book Now  

March 22 - 27, 2013
December 17 - 22 and 26 - 31, 2013

Prices include:
  • 25 Hours of Yoga practice (asana, pranayama and meditation).
  • 1 Massage
  • 2 'Awareness thru Movement' classes.
  • 1 Afternoon trip.
  • Lodging & meals.


Read more... 



after yoga activity
Important after-yoga activity...

Restorative Yoga & BackMitra Workshops
Brigitte Longueville

Casa Shakti, Monterrey, Mexico
March 8 - 10, 2013
Book Now

Valle de Bravo, Mexico
March 15 - 18, 2013 Book Now

"¡Recibe la primavera lleno de salud y energía!"


Una buena oportunidad de darte el tiempo para ti mism@ que tanto necesitas. Con una mente y cuerpo cansados la vida no fluye naturalmente. Ven a encontrar la relajación, soltar la mente y fortalecer el cuerpo.

Práctica diaria con la BackMitra, pranayama (respiración consciente) Al permitir...

 Siga leyendo...
gorgeous yoga studio at Vision Quest, Valle de Bravo
The gorgeous yoga studio at Vision Quest

Note! These 2 workshops are taught in Spanish only.
English? ¿Español?

sunset on Zipolite Beach
Zipolite Beach sunset
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Todays Free Fun Yoga Class!

Fun Hatha Yoga Class - Monday -
Fun Hatha Yoga Class - Monday - "Same but Different"
Zipolite beach gorgeous view

We are looking forward to seeing you!



The Solstice Yoga Center Team.



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