Additional evidence that sex-selective abortions far more widespread than commonly thought

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Evidence Shows Sex-Selective Abortion Does Occur

When pro-lifers--and even some pro-choicers--try to do something about sex-selective abortions, the refrain is that there are no abortions taking place based on a preference for boys over girls. When the evidence is produced, opponents switch gears: it's "racist" or sexist to point to the demographic data that such gender-specific abortions are a feature of some cultures that historically have had a strong preference for boys.


There is an ongoing and ever-more intense debate in Great Britain, fueled by an uncover investigation by the Daily Mail that conclusively demonstrated that there are abortionists who will abort when told the mother wants a boy rather than a girl. Last week the House of Commons voted to "clarify" that it is not legal under the 1967 Abortion Act to abort a child on the basis of gender.


Just prior to last week's debate, the Daily Mail reported that an Oxford University study demonstrates that whereas the overall ratio for women of all backgrounds is 104 boys to 100 girls, the ratio for Indian mothers having their third child was 114 boys to 100 girls.


Lead Author Sylvie Dubuc
Sylvie Dubuc

"Lead author Sylvie Dubuc said the figures suggested that, on average, about 100 baby girls were missing from the birth register every year during the study period [1990-2005]," according to Daniel Martin. "Her research casts doubt on a government-commissioned study which found there was no evidence of sex-selective abortions in this country."


Rani Bilkhu works with Jeena International. She told of the cultural pressure that British Asian women, as well as those born in South Asia and married to men in the UK, were under to have sons.


Bilkhu told the BBC:

"We have a high rate of women coming to us and saying, 'We are being threatened and coerced to having abortions - we are being thrown down the stairs.' Once this bill comes out, we can then make sure communities understand that it is illegal to abort on the basis of gender."


This whole discussion sidesteps the overriding point: girls can be aborted because they are girls because of technology-ultrasounds


To read the full story and findings, CLICK HERE!

ProLife Election Victories Bring Chance to Save Lives
Your support for California ProLife Council this year made an absolutely enormous difference for the lives of unborn children!


California ProLife is one of the few pro-life organizations in California that focuses on the importance of elections. It is a lot of work! Identifying pro-life voters, informing them where the candidates stand, persuading them on the importance their vote holds for the fate of unborn babies, and finally, encouraging and getting them to vote.

WHY do we do this? The reason is simple. Abortion has come to us through the law; only the law will restrain abortion; it is lawmakers that make law; and it is YOU who elects lawmakers.


Polling consistently shows that doing this work can swing several percentage points away from a pro-abortion candidate to a pro-life candidate. Often, the percentage we add for a candidate because of the Life issue is more than the candidate's margin of victory - in other words, we literally change the make-up of the House and state legislature in favor of Life!


California ProLife and our  political committees exhausted our resources in order to identify pro-life voters and get them to the polls, and helped elect or re-elect many pro-life legislators. We picked up several seats in both the state Assembly and State Senate. We helped to rob the pro-aborts of their 'super-majority' in Sacramento. 

But now the work really begins.

Now, California ProLife urgently needs to educate the public and elected officials on the life-saving bills that will be introduced in Congress and state legislatures. We will see the 'sex-selective bill introduced again in Sacramento. We will see the Unborn Pain act in Washington D.C.


These are tremendous opportunities for the unborn, but we can only do it with your help us now!


Please help us with a critically needed donation of $500, $250, $100, $50, or $35, so we can turn 2014's sweeping victories into 2015's precious lives saved! We need to rebuild immediately to prepare now for the Congressional and legislative sessions that start just weeks from now in January.


Thank you again for your support and please help us now in this critical period to turn our gains we won in November into lives saved for generations to come!

California ProLife Council

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