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Members of Parliament Vote to Ban Sex-Selective Abortion, 181 to 1
Earlier this year, California ProLife Council sponsored AB 2336, a bill carried by Assemblywoman Shannon Grove that would have banned sex-selective abortion, a practice documented as taking place in California. Ultimately, the politics of the state capitol shut the bill down.

Last week, members of the British Parliament overwhelmingly voted to ban abortions on the grounds of gender (girls, in almost all cases).


MP Fiona Bruce
MP Fiona Bruce

Indeed, there was only one "no." 181 MPs voted in favor of the Abortion (Sex-Selection) Bill, which MP Fiona Bruce introduced on behalf of a cross-party group that included 11 other female MPs.


But the government is "not behind the change," according to the Daily Mail's Tom McTague. "The Bill will now be taken forward for a second reading in January. It is, however, highly unlikely to become law in its current form without Government support and parliamentary time."


The story does not make clear what the government's objection is, but reading between the lines it appears the government of David Cameron is waiting until official figures come out to prove a 'national skewing' in the number of girls born compared to the number of boys.


The bill is "extremely straightforward," Bruce said today. "It merely clarifies that nothing in section one of the Abortion Act [of] 1967 allows a pregnancy to be terminated on the grounds of the sex of the unborn child."


Ms Bruce said "The main motivation" for the measure "is we know sex-selective abortions are happening in the UK and little is being done to stop this. ...We know because of the growing number of courageous women speaking out about their experiences.


According to McTague, there is widespread support for such a ban. "A poll by ComRes for the lobbying group Christian Concern found that 84 per cent of people believe gender abortion should be 'explicitly banned by law.'"


While the shocking examination of sex-selective abortion upsets those who accept the status quo of abortion on-demand, CPLC will nevertheless continue to make sure the truth is heard and ensure that discussion over the issue is not stifled.


CLICK HERE to read the full story at NRL News Today.


ProLife Election Victories
State Ballot Measures

Proposition 45 - Heathcare Insurance Rate Changes - NO Votes (59.8%)

Board of Equalization

Board of Equalization District 1 - George Runner (58.8%)

Board of Equalization District 4 - Diane Harkey (62.0%)


U.S. House of Representatives


U.S. House District 1 - Doug La Malfa (61.6%)

U.S. House District 4 - Tom McClintock (60.1%)

U.S. House District 8 - Paul Cook (67.6%)

U.S. House District 10 - Jeff Denham (56.4%)

U.S. House District 16 - Johnny Tacherra (50.5%)

U.S. House District 21 - David Valadao (59.3%)

U.S. House District 22 - Devin G. Nunes (72.2%)

U.S. House District 23 - Kevin McCarthy (75.3%)

U.S. House District 25 - Steve Knight (53.5%)

U.S. House District 39 - Ed Royce (68.6%)

U.S. House District 42 - Ken Calvert (66.0%)

U.S. House District 45 - Mimi Walters (65.4%)

U.S. House District 48 - Dana Rohrabacher (64.3%)

U.S. House District 49 - Darrell Issa (60.8%)

U.S. House District 50 - Duncan Hunter (71.6%)


California State Senate


State Senate District 4 - Jim Nielsen (64.5%)

State Senate District 8 - Tom Berryhill (66.8%)

State Senate District 12 - Anthony Canella (62.0%)

State Senate District 14 - Andy Vidak (55.5%)

State Senate District 16 - Jean Fuller (72.9%)

State Senate District 28 - Jeff Stone (53.2%)

State Senate District 34 - Janet Nguyen (60.0%)

State Senate District 36 - Patricia Bates (66.0%)

State Senate District 38 - Joel Anderson (69.5%)

California State Assembly


Assembly District 1 - Brian Dahle (71.3%)

Assembly District 3 - James Gallagher (63.1%) 

Assembly District 5 - Frank Bigelow (74.5%)

Assembly District 6 - Beth B. Gaines (65.7%)          

Assembly District 12 - Kristin Olsen (67.3%)

Assembly District 23 - Jim Patterson (100.0%)

Assembly District 34 - Shannon Grove (74.6%)

Assembly District 35 - Katcho Achadjian (62.7%)

Assembly District 36 - Tom Lackey (61.5%)

Assembly District 38 - Scott Wilk (66.5%)

Assembly District 40 - Marc Steinorth (56.4%)

Assembly District 42 - Chad Mayes (57.6%)

Assembly District 60 - Eric Linder (61.7%)

Assembly District 65 - Young Kim (56.0%)

Assembly District 67 - Melissa Melendez (68.7%)

Assembly District 68 - Donald P. Wagner (68.6%)

Assembly District 71 - Brian Jones (71.4%)

Assembly District 72 - Travis Allen (65.9%)

Assembly District 73 - William (Bill) Brough (68.0%)

Assembly District 74 - Matthew Harper (59.0%)

Assembly District 75 - Marie Waldron (69.4%)

Assembly District 76 - Rocky J. Chavez (67.4%)

Assembly District 77 - Brian Maienschein (66.8)

California ProLife Council

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