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It is almost here.


Election Day.


The day that determines for millions of unborn children whether they will have a chance at Life.


Will the House of Representatives stay Pro-Life? Will the United States Senate have enough Pro-Life Senators to stop a future pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice or repeal the abortion mandates in Obamacare?


California can be tough sledding for pro-life candidates. Hollywood, Planned Parenthood, and their allies in Sacramento and the media try to convince voters that speaking up for the defenseless is wrong.


We won't surrender to this pro-abortion collective!


California ProLife Council has an extensive listing of positions for candidates, judges, and initiatives that can be found here:
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That is only part of the story. The state demands that when California ProLife Council tells citizens to vote for a pro-life candidate, it must be done through a Political Action Committee (PAC). The California ProLife Council PAC is the only statewide PAC solely devoted to protecting innocent human life.


In California, we have worked diligently in close Congressional races. The California ProLife Council PAC has worked hard to increase the number of pro-life State Senators and State Assembly members.


But we haven't been able to contact all of the identified pro-life voters in very competitive races.



The California ProLife Council relies on individuals. The PAC isn't like the insurance companies or trial lawyers. California ProLife is not a multi billion dollar industry. It is much more. It is all about saving lives.


Your PAC donation of $30 will help us reach 500 more pro-life voters, $300 will help us reach 5000. 


Any amount will help you and I finish the fight. 


It is time to finish the race.


Yours in Life,


Brian Johnston

California ProLife Council PAC

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