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Please don't plan on coming to our event on November 4th.


Please help us by instead investing in what we do and not the gala which we will not have; it is an event we have decided it is much wiser not to have. Instead of the massive amount of work required for a Fall ProLife Gala we are committed to actually doing the pro-life work at hand.


Ben Stein, powerful pro-life speaker, actor, and raconteur will not be coming (we love Ben, he is one of the most stunningly articulate, pro-life individuals in Hollywood!). It will save you and us money to stop what we were doing to get him in your presence.


We will not ask you to dress up and come downtown and find parking (a $25 value, minimum).

You will not pay for babysitting (a 40-50 value!).

You will not pay for Gala tickets ($100 each - a $200 value!).


We will not supply you with drink and urge you to give even more. (Although you can check the recurring donation box below -- that does really help!)


You know the money we will save. You know the money you will save


You know that the 'Right to Life' is a civil right. That means we have to be involved in the civic processYet many pro-life individuals are oblivious of the actual responsibility they bear to know what is happening around them. You know that the California abortion industry and coercion of young mothers is being done at your expense, with your tax money with funneled-government funds. The only thing that can change this is pro-life people voting for pro-life candidates, and not voting for pro-abortion candidates


This fall people will dress up and vote for pro-abortion candidates. They will 'mourn abortion' and vote for pro-abortion candidates. Out of ignorance, out of complacency. Out of habit.


Unless you help us.

Only California Prolife Council is doing the hard and ongoing work that is so important in the public arena: informing and urging pro-life citizens to act like citizens. Our voter guides, literature, radio spots, and volunteers make a difference only to the degree you help! Monitoring what lawmakers actually do about bills and measures -- and not merely the pretty words they say -- is hard work. 


Only California ProLife works to identify the candidates positions getting that information out to the hundreds of thousands of California ProLife citizens who care, and reaching out to the hundreds of thousands of other pro-life folk who still don't even understand they should care.


As the California's affiliate of National Right to Life, we are part of the largest team in the world dedicated to restoring the right to life to its proper place in our culture. On the issue of Life, we are in the toughest state in the nation, and though 'small' compared with the vast resources of the abortion industry and their sympathetic media, we are stunning in our opposition! But we really need your help!


We saved you $275 (and a lot of extra work) by not doing a fall gala. $275 will buy us one radio spot from a targeted radio station in the LA basin. It will buy 3 Spanish-language radio spots in the Central Valley. But we literally need thousands of radio spots!  Our officers and volunteers are speaking on radio talk shows and in church and civic gatherings throughout the state.



Please donate NOW. Please stand up for life and help us to get others to see their need to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves!


By responding NOW you are saving us time and effort and money. You are saving us vast amounts of trouble and heartache when the REAL work is at hand. Thank you!
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Yours in Life,


Brian Johnston

California ProLife Council PAC

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