Churches are Very Free to Present and Discuss
the Positions of Candidates

IMPORTANT REMINDER: There is a culture out to silence you and all those who believe the law should protect the innocent.
The law is actually on your side and protects your right and responsibility to "speak truth to those in power."
  • You are free to use your voice
  • You are free to vote as you see fit
  • You and your church are free to discuss important issues of the day
  • You and members of your church are free to inform themselves and others of these issues
  • You and your church are free to vote along those lines and urge others to do so
As the 2014 elections approach, and various groups begin again their intimidation tactics in an effort to silence churches and pastors about the great social and moral issues of our time, churches and pastors need clear guidelines for permissible political activities. In response to that need, California ProLife Council would like to direct you to a set of these guidelines provided by the James Madison Center for Free Speech and the Alliance Defense Fund

These guidelines summarize the requirements of the Federal Election Campaign Act and the Internal Revenue Code as they apply to churches and pastors.

For a quick table reference detailing the political and legislative guidelines for pastors and churches, click on the table below.
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