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What is the Board of Equalization?
The State Board of Equalization (BOE) is a public agency charged with tax administration and fee collection in the state of California.  It is the only publicly elected tax commission in the United States. The decisions of this small body affect California taxpayers directly. Each representative represents one-fourth of the State!

Currently several pro-life candidates are seeking election to the Board.
Picture of Candidate Geroge Runner George Runner is a long-time advocate for the value of individual lives and the state's responsibility to protect life. Because of his stalwart and wise policy positions George Runner  has been endorsed by California ProLife PAC in every race he has engaged in for California state-government office -- Assembly to Senate -- and we gladly endorse him again in his bid for re-election to BOE District 2 (Inland California from Oregon border, south through the northern half of San Bernardino County). 
Picture of Candidate G. Rick Marshall

ProLifer Michelle Steel has represented BOE District 3 which covers 73 of the western-most cities in L.A. County, from the coast as far inland as Covina and Diamond Bar. She is retiring and ProLife Candidate G. Rick Marshall is running for this seat, and is endorsed by CPLC PAC.

Picture of Candidate Diane Harkey
ProLife State Senator Diane Harkey is running for BoE District 4, covering Orange, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial counties.Diane Harkey has been endorsed by California ProLife Council PAC.

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Who is Insurance Commissioner?
Department of Insurance Logo
The Insurance Commissioner is a state-wide post that oversees the state Department of Insurance and investigates problems and complaints about the insurance industry in California. 

Picture of Candidate Ted Gaines
CPLC PAC endorsesTed Gaines as our candidate for Insurance Commissioner. This post takes on huge significance in the era of ObamaCare. (Please note that California is one of the few states that have openly adopted and even 'doubled-down' on the governmental control of healthcare).  The state legislature passed, and the Governor signed, legislation re-instating the 'Death Council' panels that had initially been in the Obamacare measure. 
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