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With 5 weeks until Election Day, I want to give you a quick update about elections in California.


California can be a tough place to be a pro-life candidate. Hollywood and pro-abortion millionaires make it especially hard. 


One of my favorite sayings is attributed to the great football legend Knute Rockne,


"When the going gets tough the tough get going."


Califonia ProLife Council PAC is tough and you and I are getting things going!


We are poised to pick up seats in the Assembly and State Senate... if we can keep the momentum.

There are six seats in particular where California ProLife Council PAC is making a difference. Let me tell you about one of the particular. 


State Senate District 34  reaches from Long Beach to Santa Ana. Pro-Life County Supervisor Janet Nyguen was born in Saigon and rose to be the first County Supervisor of Vietnamese descent.

Her opponent Jose Solorio is a former Assemblyman with a 100% pro-abortion voting record. Planned Parenthood wants him to win. They can't stand to have pro-life women in the State Senate.


This race will be close


Another key district is State Senate District 28, in the Inland Empire. There former Assemblywoman, pro-lifer Bonnie Garcia, is running against a County Supervisor who refuses to reveal their stance on life. 


Garcia has a winning pro-life voting record and gave California ProLife a '100% pro-life' questionnaire on the various policy issues coming up. 


Her opponent has refused to respond

With new pro-life blood in the State Senate we can start impacting your state laws once again


California ProLife PAC is actively engaged, but we need your help.


Can we count on you to help elect candidates like Janet Nguyen to office?


Your donation of $50, $200 or $2,000 will make a difference! Even $10 will help. 


Change California by helping California ProLife Council PAC.

Speaker photo of Brian

Yours in Life,


Brian Johnston

California ProLife Council PAC

P.S. We are thrifty, but everything we do still takes money, and the government doesn't send us a nickel.

You are the one that helps make this possible.

Thank you.

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