How Can Abortion Activists Call Themselves Feminists When They Support Sex-Selection Abortions? 

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Pro-Choice Advocate asks:
"How Can Abortion Activists Call Themselves 'Feminists'?"
Pro-Choice advocate Jay Sun of the "Thought Catalog" -- an online magazine that represents the worldviews and rhetorical styles of as many people as possible under the banner that "all thinking is relevant" -- proposed the following question: How can abortion activists call themselves 'feminists' if they support sex-selective abortion?

California ProLife Council has proposed this question for the past few months and has been met with silence from the opposition. We have also been hard at work actively collecting resources and information regarding sex-selective abortion for YOU. It isn't just happening in China or India, it's happening right here in California! To see these resources, click here.

Sun, in his essay, says the following regarding the practice of sex-selective abortion:

"It is a deeply uncomfortable thought that we're snuffing out life when the primary reason boils down to inconvenience."

To read about this article, click here.

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