Democrat Kirsten Powers Explains 
Being Pro-Life on O'Reilly Factor

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Democrat Kirsten Powers on 
Being Pro-Life
Democrat Kirsten Powers explains there are many pro-life Democrats who are ardently pro-life, but can't bring themselves to register Republican. She stresses that "it is good," as a pro-life Democrat, to "advocate from within" regarding pro-life issue.
You probably know a few: friends from union families, ethnic traditions (Hispanics, Polish/Irish Catholics, etc.), and well-meaning Generation X'ers like Powers. These people know that there is a human life at stake and will support a pro-life candidate, because that candidate is pro-life, and NOT based on their party affiliation.

Make sure everyone you know votes pro-life, regardless of party. Life IS worth it! 
Watch Kirsten Powers explain the conflict of being a Democrat and being pro-life:
Democrat Kirsten Powers Explains Why She is Pro-Life
Democrat Kirsten Powers Explains Why She is Pro-Life
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