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Hobby Lobby Decision is Very Narrow! 

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The "Narrow" Hobby Lobby Decision
The oppressive and ongoing threat of ObamaCare has not been blunted! In fact, the decision indicates that the threat from ObamaCare has only just begun.

Group of protesters protesting in front of the Supreme Court. The National Right to Life Committee, the nation's oldest and largest pro-life organization, today released the following analysis of yesterday's U.S. Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.:
"The ruling provides a modest victory for religious conscience rights. However, as explained further below, the ruling does not truly correct any of the major abortion-expanding problems created by Obamacare.

The five-justice majority rejected the Obama Administration's attempt to force family-owned for-profit corporations to directly purchase health insurance covering certain drugs and devices that violate the employer's religious and moral beliefs. The Court held that this application of a provision of Obamacare violates a federal statute, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Court's majority recognized the gravity of the moral and religious objections raised by Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties in this case."
To read the rest full analysis, click here
The Pro-Abortion Movement's
War on Women
This past weekend, pro-life activists from around the country gathered in Louisville, KY to attend the 2014 National Right to Life Convention.

The Convention was held over three full days that featured more than 70 sessions and over 100 speakers! 

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias Carol Tobias, the National Right to Life President, delivered the following remarks during the Convention's Saturday morning political rally titled "Challenging the Nation to Respect Life":

"We are in the middle of campaign season- you may know it better as the silly season-because this is when we start hearing the silly slogans and accusations and comments thrown around during a campaign. Let's talk about one of the silliest- you know what I'm talking about - the "War on Women."

If you think unborn children should be welcomed in life and protected by law, you are waging a "war on women." That is what President Obama and his allies want the country to believe.


I'm going to surprise you and say that I partially agree with President Obama- there is a war being waged against women. But it is coming from the abortion industry and its accomplices."

To read the full remarks by Carol Tobias, click here.

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