Abortion Absolutism:
Will the Governor Comply?

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Budget Vote Result
Since the "super-majority" of radical Democrats was established in Sacramento, the few existing abortion regulations in California were removed, non-physicians have been authorized to do abortions, and now the financial coffers of the state have been thrown wide open to the abortion industry via California's most exorbitant budget in history. Will the Governor 'go along'?

Total Control of the political process is currently being exercised in the California Legislature. For those with historical interest please research the concept as championed by Italian Premier Benito Mussolini. "Total Control" politics is ominous and is very present in your state. 


In the State Budget this week, Former abortion entrepreneur, Speaker Toni Atkins, ADDED a 40% increase in abortion funding remittance. Planned Parenthood celebrated.


The State Assembly handily voted down three different amendments to restrict abortion funding (special thanks to Assemblywomen Grove, Waldron, and Olsen).


The following Assemblymembers voted AGAINST Life:
The following Assemblymembers voted FOR Life: 
Call your Assemblymember to praise those who sought restrictions, or politely but firmly take exception with those who want unlimited funding of Abortion as directed by Abortionist speaker Atkins. To find your Assemblymember, click here.


Unfortunately, in the Senate the Demo majority silenced all dissent


The budget now goes to Governor Brown. Please contact his office and urge him to veto the increase in abortion funding. California is funding abortions at any time for any reason, they do not require a physician, and there is no parental notice required! Abortion totalitarians like Speaker Atkins, are having their way with your state's resources.  

Don't be silent!

California ProLife Council

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