Planned Parenthood to Block 
"Anti-Choice Amendments"

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Planned Parenthood's "Floor Alert"
Dear Friend of Life,

Below are two copies of the June 12, 2014 Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California (PPAC) **FLOOR ALERT**. This "Alert" was hand delivered to the offices of all California Assembly Members and State Senators

There are two PDF files attached:

1.  A PDF scan of the **FLOOR ALERT** in color (red, orange, and black on white paper) which is good for pasting into e-mail or electronic newsletter reports about Planned Parenthood's actions. Click here to access.

2.  A PDF black and white scan of the **FLOOR ALERT** (which is better for printing off and making black and white copies). Click here to access.
The five bullet points are typical Planned Parenthood lies and deceptions.

The fifth bullet point includes specific opposition to "sex selection abortion bans".

There is the usual "threat" in a box at the bottom of the **FLOOR ALERT**:

"Votes on any budget amendments to restrict abortion access may be included on the PPAC Legislative Scorecard."

Note the word "may"!

PPAC may want to be selective in telling the general public that their pro-choice legislators actually voted in favor of "sex-selection" abortions!

Please disseminate this PPAC **FLOOR ALERT** to everyone who needs to understand the extreme pro-abortion votes that PPAC demands from our government!
You Can Influence How Your Legislator Votes on Budget!
Wherever you live in California, YOUR state legislator will be voting on the budget

They also will be voting on whether or not abortion and the abortion industry will be funded with your tax money.

Click here to find your legislator and contact your Assembly and Senate representative RIGHT NOW!

Urge each to oppose the funding of abortion in California. The budget amendments will be offered soon!
Please call their offices now ask how they will vote!

Your legislators are beholden to you!

Please let us know what what their offices say to your request e-mail us at or call us at (916)442-8315.

California ProLife Council

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