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You Can Influence How Your Legislator Votes on Budget!
Dear friend of Life,

Wherever you live in California, YOUR state legislator will be voting on the budget

They also will be voting on whether or not abortion and the abortion industry will be funded with your tax money.

Click here to find your legislator and contact your Assembly and Senate representative RIGHT NOW!

Urge each to oppose the funding of abortion in California. The budget amendments will be offered soon!
Please call their offices now ask how they will vote!

Your legislators are beholden to you!

Please let us know what what their offices say to your request e-mail us at or call us at (916)442-8315.
Sex-Selective Abortion Information
Sex-selective abortion is the targeted killing of child (usually female) for the simple reason that she is a girl. And it's happening right here in California! 
As a follower of California ProLife Council, you understand that public policy is directly related to the actions of people you elect. Because this is an issue that is not going away, and will be voted on by ALL legislators in the form of amendment before the end of the summer, it is vital that you contact YOUR legislator about sex-selective abortion. The power of your voice is exponentially more effective to a legislator when it comes from their own district!  


Call them. Let them know you are a voter in their district. Tell them you expect them to vote for any bill that stops sex-selective abortion! To find your legislator, click here.


California ProLife Council has created a large number of resources--from talking points to brochures--about sex-selective abortion available for you to download on our website. To learn more about this issue and to access these resources, click here.

California ProLife Council

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