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Dear Advocate for Life,

This is a desperately busy time in our state.


While we celebrate the narrowly defined 'right of conscience' in the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, that same decision actually spelled out that ObamaCare is a juggernaut that has not been stopped... even in its promotion of abortion!


The state Budget was voted on last month and forced through. But in the process we, and pro-life legislators, demanded an account. We made them record votes on the government finance of the abortion business. Now the real fight begins!

The primary election cycle brought us some 60 primary victories in various State and Congressional districts. California ProLife Council is in the process of training pro-lifers across California to understand how these events are vital to restoring the Right to Life in our state! 


Despite how busy we all are, it is important to stop and focus on the successes we have celebrated this year thus far. The disadvantage of continuing to be successful is that success does not come cheap. In order to be an effective pro-life organization, we rely heavily on the donations from dedicated pro-life advocates such as YOU!

Just last month, California ProLife Council sponsored legislation carried by Assembly member Shannon Grove and led a mass of committed activists to pack the seats during an Assembly Health Committee Hearing for AB 2336. AB 2336 was a law written to put an end to sex-selective abortion in California. It's important to note that it was a bill everyone knew would die in committee. The purpose of the bill was to raise awareness of the fact that baby girls are being killed in California for the simple reason that they are girls.


There have been numerous cases documenting the practice of the targeting of girls in the womb, right here in California


We needed a platform to display the truth that women are being cajoled into this. We even have documentation that women from other countries actually travel to California to have this procedure done... for free.  


Yet, because of the radicals who 'control things' at the moment, it was voted down. 


What we didn't expect was for several pro-choice legislators to formally denounce the practice of gendercide through ACR 149-less than a week after the hearing on May 6th


They were embarrassed by the radicals who control their party! 


As a result of our efforts and your help, sex-selective abortion has become a documented fact and an issue of importance in California!


Now you tell me, is Hobby Lobby part of a 'war on women' or is the abortion industry actually using women? Only the radical feminists and abortion industry itself supported sex-selective abortion on girls. They are unapologetic.

For them, it is not about protecting their gender... it is entirely about abortion. The right to kill. 


Now we come to YOU for help in our next steps.

You might be wondering what these next steps are. On top of holding events across California training pro-lifers in how the civic process works, we will be working to educate people who are not yet pro-life


Very few who may call themselves 'pro-choice' actually understand what it means. Very few support abortion for any reason at any time, for any reason at all, just for 'choice'... just kill the baby because she's a girl. Our job, yours and mine, is to let people know what is really happening


How did your legislator vote on Life? Do you know?


With YOUR help, we will hold them accountable.


With YOUR donation we will be able to work effectively to restore the Right to Life!

Speaker photo of Brian


Yours in Life,


Brian Johnston

Chairman of the Board

California ProLife Council

P.S. We are thrifty, but everything we do still takes money, and the government doesn't send us a nickel.

Only your help makes our work possible. $800 helps us arrange and promote regional training, assists us as we let pro-lifers understand the constructive ways to frame our message and impact their community! $400 gets the Forgetting Someone project into 160 churches! That's an entire community! And $35 is gas money for a pro-life speaker to get to the location and hand out literature after a riveting presentation. 

You are the one that helps make this possible.

Thank you.

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