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2014 Voter Guides
There's only one more week until the June 3rd Primary Election! If you haven't done so already, you can view our 2014 Regional Voter Guides HERE!
California ProLife Council PAC has gathered questionnaires, combed through news reports, and tracked voting records to compile the positions of candidates up for election this June. You can view our 2014 ProLife Voter Guides on our website here
More importantly, you can print them out and copy them to give to your friends, members of your church or all other places pro-lifers may be. 
Organized by regions, our Voter Guides can be shared by email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites!
Make your vote count on June 3, 2014. And encourage others to vote to protect innocent human life!
Sex-Selective Abortion Resources
 Sex-selective abortion is the targeted killing of child (usually female) for the simple reason that she is a girl. And it's happening right here in California! 
As a follower of California ProLife Council, you understand that public policy is directly related to the actions of people you elect. Because this is an issue that is not going away, and will be voted on by ALL legislators in the form of amendment before the end of the summer, it is vital that you contact YOUR legislator about sex-selective abortion. The power of your voice is exponentially more effective to a legislator when it comes from their own district!  
Call them. Let them know you are a voter in their district. Tell them you expect them to vote for any bill that stops sex-selective abortion! To find your legislator, click here.
And don't forget to use our 2014 ProLife Voter Guides to find out which candidates are pro-life when you go to vote on June 3, 2014!
California ProLife Council has created a large number of resources--from talking points to brochures--about sex-selective abortion available for you to download on our website. To learn more about this issue and to access these resources, click here.

California ProLife Council

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