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California ProLife Council PAC
Endorsed Candidtates
California ProLife Council PAC has gathered questionnaires, combed through news reports, and tracked voting records to compile the positions of candidates up for election this June. 
Below, you'll find the list of candidates endorsed by California ProLife Council PAC.You can view our 2014 ProLife Voter Guides, in their entirety, on our website here or you can quickly look below to see who we endorsed by District

Governor - Tim Donnelly (R) 

Attorney General - Phil Wyman (R) 

Insurance Commissioner - Ted Gaines (R)

Superintendent of Public Instruction - L. Gutierrez (NP)

Board of Equalization District 1 - George Runner (R) 

U.S. House District 1 - Doug La Malfa (R)

U.S. House District 3 - Dan Logue (R) 

U.S. House District 4 - Tom McClintock (R)

U.S. House District 7 - Igor Birman (R)

U.S. House District 8 - Paul Cook (R) 

U.S. House District 10 - Jeff Denham (R) 

U.S. House District 21 - David Valadao (R) 

U.S. House District 23 - Kevin McCarthy (R) 

U.S. House District 35 - Ben Lopez (Write-In) 

U.S. House District 39 - Ed Royce (R) 

U.S. House District 42 - Ken Calvert (R) 

U.S. House District 48 - D. Rohrabacher (R)

U.S. House District 49 - Darrell Issa (R) 

U.S. House District 50 - Duncan Hunter (R) 

U.S. House District 52 - Kirk Jorgensen (R) 

State Senate District 2 - Lawrence Wiesner (R) 

State Senate District 4 - Jim Nielsen (R) 

State Senate District 6 - Jonathan Zachariou (R) 

State Senate District 8 - Tom Berryhill (R) 

State Senate District 10 - Peter Kuo (R) 

State Senate District 12 - Anthony Cannella (R) 

State Senate District 14 - Andy Vidak (R) 

State Senate District 16 - Jean Fuller (R) 

State Senate District 20 - Matthew Munson (R) 

State Senate District 28 - Bonnie Garcia (R) 

State Senate District 36 - Patricia Bates (R) 

State Senate District 38 - Joel Anderson (R) 

Assembly District 1 - Brian Dahle (R) 

Assembly District 6 - Beth Gaines (R) 

Assembly District 8 - Doug Haaland (R) 

Assembly District 12 - Kristin Olsen (R)

Assembly District 21 - Jack Mobley (R)

Assembly District 23 - Jim Patterson (R) 

Assembly District 32 - Pedro Rios (R)

Assembly District 34 - Shannon Grove (R) 

Assembly District 35 - Katcho Achadjian (R) 

Assembly District 38 - Scott Wilk (R) 

Assembly District 40 - Marc Steinorth (R)

Assembly District 44 - Rob McCoy (R) 

Assembly District 48 - Joe Gardner (R) 

Assembly District 52 - Dorothy Pineda (R) 

Assembly District 56 - Charles Bennett Jr. (R) 

Assembly District 60 - Eric Linder (R) 

Assembly District 61 - Rudy Arranda (R) 

Assembly District 67 - Melissa Melendez (R) 

Assembly District 68 - Donald Wagner (R) 

Assembly District 71 - Brian Jones (R) 

Assembly District 72 - Travis Allen (R) 

Assembly District 75 - Marie Waldron (R) 

Assembly District 76 - Rocky Chavez (R) 

Assembly District 77 - Brian Maienschein (R) 

Assembly District 78 - Barbara Decker (R) 

Click here to view the full list of candidates!
Organized by regions, our Voter Guides can be shared by email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites!


Make your vote count on June 3, 2014. And encourage others to vote to protect innocent human life!

California ProLife Council

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