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Assembly Health Committee Hearing: May 6, 2014
As expected, on Tuesday the Assembly Committee on Health voted to silence AB 2336--a bill that would have prohibited sex-selective abortion in the state of California. 

While that bill number is effectively dead, the issue is far from over.  We had a line of ardent supporters lining the walls of the room in order to voice their support of the bill. We would like to thank everyone who came out today for the hearing. And it is quite alright if you weren't able to make it, because this issue isn't going away!

As a follower of California ProLife Council, you understand that public policy is directly related to the actions of people you elect. Because this is an issue that is not going away, and will be voted on by ALL legislators in the form of amendment before the end of the summer, it is vital that you contact YOUR legislator about sex-selective abortion. The power of your voice is exponentially more effective to a legislator when it comes from their own district!  

Call them. Let them know you are a voter in their district. Tell them you expect them to vote for any bill that stops sex-selective abortion! To find your legislator, click here.

Sex-selective abortion is the targeted killing of child (usually female) for the simple reason that she is a girl. California ProLife Council has created a large number of resources--from Talking Points to brochures--about sex-selective abortion available for you to download on our website. To learn more about this issue and to access these resources, click here.

Just last month in Yuba City, a woman was acquitted for murder, because she fought hard when being forced to go down and abort her baby girl. "You should be proud of Baljinder," said her attorney, "because she was fighting to protect the life of the baby girl in her womb!"

This issue is indeed very real in California, and not just in ethnic communities. Read more here!

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