Life Fest 2
Dear Friend of Life,

Life Film Fest is just around the corner! 

LifeFest organizers are busy preparing programming and events for film enthusiasts of every interest and background. With the support of a passionate arts community, LifeFest has attracted worldwide interest from some of the industry's best filmmakers. We are featuring opportunities for burgeoning filmmakers and will be entertaining distinguished industry guests and film enthusiasts from around the world.


Below is a video from actor Kevin Sorbo explaining the importance of Life Fest and inviting you to join us at this year's Festival.


Come join us May 8-11 as we celebrate films and filmmakers impacting Hollywood with life-affirming content. It's not too late to purchase tickets for this exciting event!

California ProLife and the Life Fest '14 Team

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P.S. Do you know someone in the industry or an aspiring filmmaker who should know about Life Fest? Send us their e-mails and we'll get them a special industry opportunity! 
Life Fest 2014
May 8-11


Life Film Fest is the unique, world-wide film festival dedicated to showcasing films which affirm the importance of the human experience and the unique value of every life. Life Fest is held, "in the heart of the entertainment industry."
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