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Request your city for our ProLife Spring Training Series!
~ When: May 8th - 11th
Where: Hollywood, CA
~ Film Makers of all skill levels welcome
~ Great way for churches to get involved
~ Non-Offensive ProLife poster to hang in churches 
ProLife Individuals: have your voice heard!  


Be a part of CPLC:

~ Help get the government out of the abortion business
~ Print out & send CPLC filled out petitions

Current Training Locations

Los Angeles

Would like training in your area? Request it! Click here!
2014 ProLife Spring Training

2014 is a Year of ProLife Opportunities!

Are you ready? Have you been trained? Are you 'in shape' to deal with the issue that matters most?

California ProLife Council's annual ProLife Spring Training Series will give you the tools to effectively answer the following questions:
  • What is the Right to Life? 
  • What is the best way to protect it?
  • Why should we care at election time?
  • How should it affect how we vote?

Get trained!  
Get prepared!
Get understanding! 
Find out how to impact your community!
Picture of a speaker addressing an audience
Available ProLife Speakers include:

Annisa Gallegos-Smith
Brian Johnston 

Hon. Mike Spence
James Jenkins
Lawrence Lehr

And many more!!!

Click here to see the full list of our ProLife speakers.
Life Fest '14 is the film festival dedicated to showcasing films that reinforce the intrinsic worth and profound significance of innocent human life.




Life Fest is extraordinary! It challenges a culture that is constantly devaluing human life. It changes the very face of Hollywood itself. And, best of all, the change is working!


The submission deadline for Life Fest just closed and the films are already being judged, but that doesn't mean you can't participateThe 5x5 Filmmakers' Challenge is a competition in which participants from around the world simultaneously make a 3 to 5 minute motion picture over 5 days, submit, and vie for honors, prizes, and their foot in the Hollywood door. To find out how to participate in the 5x5 competition, click here.    

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