February 26, 2014
For Immediate Release
Executive Director, Brian Johnston
California ProLife Council
California ProLife Council Endorses Donnelly
SACRAMENTO, CA - February 26, 2014 - Today the California ProLife Council PAC announced its endorsement of Assemblyman Tim Donnelly for Governor 2014.
"Tim has been a stalwart and committed supporter of the Right to Life and understands that the purpose of the law is to protect vulnerable individuals who cannot protect themselves," said Anissa Gallegos Smith, spokeswoman for California ProLife.

Gallegos-Smith continued, "Governor Jerry Brown has shown he is completely beholden to the most radical, pro-abortion ideologies. There is no abortion that governor Brown is willing to oppose: late-term abortion, secret abortions on minors without parental knowledge, abortions done for sex-selection purposes. In short, Brown supports abortion at any time, for any reason, or for no reason in particular. That is what is meant by the weasel-word "choice." No reason need be given. No limitations are to be set. Just kill the kid and get on with it."
"Perhaps worse is Brown has avidly funded the entire abortion industry in California, including its manipulative marketing campaigns, all with our tax-payer dollars," concluded Gallegos-Smith. "This is stunning, for an act based on 'privacy'.  California has double the per-capita rate of abortion than the rest of the nation and it is no surprise--it is a government sponsored program of population control."

The other prominently mentioned candidate, Neel Kashkari, has indicated a complete lack of understanding of the actual specifics of the abortion issue, and like Brown has simply signed on with the 'unlimited abortion movement.' 

California ProLife Council is the state affiliate of National Right to Life, Inc. CPLC is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian grassroots organization dedicated to restoring legal protection for innocent human lives. CPLC believes this goal will be accomplished on two fronts: (1) Working through the law to change the law, and (2) Changing public opinion through education.


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