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 Jahi McMath: 
Medicine by Bureaucracy

Anissa Gallegos-Smith, spokesperson for the California ProLife Council, observed that

Jahi McMath's sad situation has an immediate significance
for the rest of us.

"The Jahi McMath case in Oakland is a tragic example of medicine practiced via bureaucracy and lawyers," declared Smith. "The hospital responsible for the tragedy during a young girl's tonsillectomy then turns on the family to demand they abandon her, and obstruct aid at every turn, even though other medical facilities are willing to help."

"One of the more common childhood operations, most families are asked to serve ice cream, post-op. Instead the McMath's get the 'out the door' treatment," says Smith.

"The callous manner in which lives and families are treated is a direct result of viewing 'health care' as merely manipulating the machinery of medicine."

Smith concluded that: "On the inaugural day that federal bureaucrats and lawyers take over large portions of the American healthcare system via 'ObamaCare', Jahi's case augurs an ominous future for those who look to such a system for care."    


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The Walk for Life is Saturday, January 25th! We will be out in the cold again! If you are planning to go, please sign up to help us educate and motivate the assembled folks to make a difference at this important time in history!



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