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August 2015 Ministry Updates and News from Tracee J. Swank
Welcome to my redesigned newsletter! Each month I hope to use this to share with you my experience as the leader of Church Doctor Ministries. My purpose is to share with you the stories, resources, prayer requests from my ministry work and share in spiritual formation and growth along with you. I also want to use this to thank you for your support of my calling to serve in full time ministry. 

You are invited and encouraged to share the information I provide here with those in your network. Let's multiply our experience and share that with others! 

I welcome your input and suggestions on the type of information you would like for me to share or write about. This newsletter is connected to my personal blog along with other ministry websites so you will see news, information, resources, videos, and content from the best of the best of the ministry I lead.

Keep Multiplying Hope,
Prayer Request:
We are currently in the process of trying to sell our house in Waterville, Ohio. I would appreciate your prayers for the right buyer to come along soon. We are trusting God to provide and thanking Him for the blessing of our new home in Defiance, Ohio.
Thank You!
Your support means a great deal to me and I am excited to be able to share with you the stories, experiences, and resources from from being on the front lines of serving in full time ministry. I am blessed to be able to what I do and be connected with each of you. I thank God for you!

Ministry Updates
New Workshop Available
Healthy Churches Thrive!: Energize Your Church for Impact is a new teaching workshop designed to help bring energy and vitality to your church. Learn more.

New resource released
The Damascus Road: Where Christians Become Missionaries is a new resource released from Church Doctor ministries! Learn more.

Tracee's Coaching for Breakthrough
Learn more about how a coach approach can help you experience personal spiritual and leadership breakthrough.  Learn more.

Scripture Focus for August: Mark 2:1-12
Take a moment to put yourself into this story. Are you part of the crowd who showed up to hear Jesus share the Word? Are you one of the friends ripping the roof off to get your friend to the feet of Jesus? Perhaps you are the paralyzed man. Know this - no matter who you are, and why you are there - your sins are forgiven!

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