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January 2013  
                    Happy New Year!

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From the General Secretary 

Incomparable Enrichment of Life

By Neville Callam  


Neville Callam

make disciples of all nations ...

(Matthew 28:18)



A fundamental aspect of our calling as Christians is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. This was the focus of an email I received some two and a half years ago from an educator in New Zealand. He had read an editorial I had written under the caption "Follow God fearlessly" and, in his encouraging response, urged the importance of personal witnessing as a feature of the daily life of each Christian.


The writer said he had been busy helping Christians "grow to become authentic disciples of Christ and then go on to become disciple-makers, thus creating the long lost 'multiplication factor' in evangelism and church growth!" Now in his seventies, this Baptist Christian has spent many years helping to form students, at various stages of their intellectual development, as disciples of Christ.


I wish to underscore what my correspondent says about the urgent need for the church to intensify its efforts to train followers of Christ to share their faith. This is a part of our vocation to evangelize especially those who have not yet committed their life to our Lord. Christians should enthusiastically desire for others the same gift of eternal life that God has so graciously given to us. This is the greatest gift anyone can receive and we should be glad participants in helping others to share in this gift.


The church should also assign a greater priority to training church members to share their faith with those who have not yet committed their life to Christ. Only so will more Christians become joyful witnesses to Christ.


I encourage all followers of Christ to consider making 2013 a year when their Christian concern, especially for relatives, friends and other associates, leads them to do the following: pray regularly for these persons; provide them with an example of genuine devotion to Christ; and joyfully seek to lead them into a life-transforming encounter with the one who is our God and Savior.


Let us make good use of the opportunity God grants us during this New Year to help others encounter the Christ and experience the change that issues in incomparable enrichment of life.


What BWA Member Bodies are Doing
Macau Baptist Convention
The Macau Baptist Convention, previously the Macau Baptist Association, grew out of Baptist witness that began in Macau in the 19th century. Macau, which was colonized by Portugal up until 1999 is, like Hong Kong, a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China.

The convention was formed in 1927 as the Macau Baptist Association and comprises some 750 members in six churches. It is part of a broader Protestant community of 6,000 members in about 70 churches.


The Protestant community in Macau has established a number of institutions that have broad influence beyond their relatively small numbers. These include nursery, kindergarten and primary schools with total enrolment of about 10,000 students; community centers providing services to children, youth and families; medical facilities and detoxification centers for drug users; and programs for prisoners and the homeless.


Church Spotlight
First Baptist Church of the City of Washington, DC
Washington, DC, USA

First Baptist DC
FBC Washington, a diverse congregation 

First Baptist Church of the City of Washington, DC, was organized in 1802 and has as its mission, "to love and worship God, to love and serve others, and to share the good news of Jesus Christ."  


Members place emphasis on the compassion of Christ, the diversity of the congregation, the hospitality of the church, the pilgrimage of Christian formation, and the beauty, reverence,and excellence of worship. Their aim is that "every member is engaged in ministry that impacts the neighborhood, the city, the nation, and the world."


The church, which is in the heart of the capital of the United States, engages with a number of community and denominational partners to respond to special needs and offers services to the community. It supports various community based organizations that provide food, shelter and clothing throughout the city.  


The Baptist World Alliance® Global Impact Church supports mission and relief agencies that respond to human needs globally.  The church hosts various community support groups that meet weekly in its building. Its  Child Development Center, which serves children six weeks old to five years old, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. 


"Our neighbors are not only the persons that live to the right or to the left on our block, apartment building, or condo," said senior pastor Jeffrey Haggray. "Our neighbors are not only those who share a zip code, shop at the same corner store, or frequent the same coffeehouse. Our neighbors are all those who are within reach of our capacities and capabilities."


Youth Conference Highlight
Suntech Singapore
The Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore 
The 16th Baptist Youth World Conference will be held in Singapore from July 17-21 at the Singapore Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Approximately 6,000 youth from 100 nations are expected to attend. 

Singapore is a Southeast Asian city-state. The country is highly urbanized with high density and a population of 5.3 million people. It is listed as one of the wealthiest countries in the world.


Buddhism is the most widely practiced religion in Singapore. The next most practiced religion is Christianity, followed by Islam, Taoism and Hinduism. Baptists number about 10,000 in 36 churches.


In Sympathy
To Minnie Jackson, BWA staff, on the death in December of her father in law, Walter Edward Ricks, of New Jersey, in the United States

News from the BWA
For these stories and more, visit the BWA website at

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Baptist World Aid
BWAid grants for the months of November and December 2012

Grants recorded in United States dollars unless otherwise noted

Democratic Republic of the Congo
HIV/Aids Counseling Program  2,078.60

Sierra Leone

Hurricane Relief 8,025.00


Landslide Victims Agricultural Project 10,900.00

Hurricane Relief 5,000.00


Flood Relief 10,000.00

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Monthly Prayer Guide

Each week, the staff of the Baptist World Alliance® prays for conventions and unions throughout the world.


We invite all other Baptist conventions and unions, and individual Baptists everywhere, to join us in these prayers.


For the month of January we will remember the following:


December 30-January 5

Egyptian Baptist Convention

Association of Baptist Churches in Israel
Jordan Baptist Convention

Convention of the Evangelical Baptist Churches in Lebanon
Baptist Convention of Syria


January 6-12
Baptists scattered throughout Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman Yemen, Iran, Iraq


January 13-19 
Baptists scattered throughout Cyprus, Greece and Turkey


January 20-26              
Baptists scattered throughout Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Western Sahara, Tunisia

January 27-February 2
Finland Swedish Baptist Union
Finnish Baptist Union
Baptist Union of Denmark            
Baptist Union of Sweden
Baptist Union of Norway

Upcoming Events


Asia Pacific Baptist Aid Committee, Singapore, January 6-8 

Asia Pacific Baptist Federation Executive Committee, Singapore, January 8-10  



European Baptist Aid Committee, Elstal, Germany, January 29



Jesus Christ, Bread of Life Conference, Northern Haiti Christian University, Haut-Limbe, Haiti, January 30-February 1  



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