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Kennedy Axis V: Reliability and Validity, Including Comparisons to Axis V (GAF), HoNOS, and the BPRS


Article Published by KennedyMD Publishing October 1, 2012

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To follow is a "Letter to the Editor" from Craig Blumer, PhD and James Kennedy, MD's response. This Letter addresses the article "Kennedy Axis V: Reliability and Validity, Including Comparisons to Axis V (GAF), HoNOS, and the BPRS."


To Follow Is the Letter to the Editor and Dr. Kennedy's Response:



Letter to the Editor:


Craig Blumer, Ph.D.

Clinical Director

Wisconsin Resource Center

Winnebago, WI 54985


Dr. Blumer Asks:


Dr. Kennedy,


I am looking at using the Kennedy Axis V as a measure of change in our treatment program. Self-injurious behavior is a major issue we address. So I was concerned that the correlation between the Kennedy Violence scale and HoNOS non-accidental self-injury was -0.198, much lower than most of the other correlations.


One speculation I have for this outcome is related to the Violence scale combining both external violence and self-injury. Would it be more effective to split externally-directed violence into a separate scale from self-inflicted injury? If we choose to use the Kennedy Axis V, could we split the content of the Violence scale into 2 scales, external violence and intentional self injury, even though it is not the official structure of the scale?



Dr. Blumer



Dr. Kennedy's Response:


Dr. Blumer,


The low correlation was addressed in the article:


"The correlation was small between the K Axis Violence Subscale and the HoNOS Item 2 (Non-accidental self-injury), because the sample used in this study was selected based on mostly violence to others, not violence to self."


There is a tremendous overlap between violence to self and violence to others; therefore, I included both in the Violence subscale.


On the other hand, there are important differences and to address this is the recommendation that the following be checked:


Primarily (check one):  Non Violent__  Violent To Self__  Violent To Others__  To Self & Others__


I do not recommend changing the K Axis; however, it would be OK to record your ratings in a different manner, for example one may simply enter the K Axis score instead of checking the blank.


For example, a K Axis Violence score of 20 could be broken down as indicated below:


Primarily (check one): Non Violent__ Violent To Self_70_ Violent To Others_20_ To Self & Others__


The K Axis Violence rating would continue to be 20; however, you would also have the rating of both the Violence to Self (70) and Violence to Others (20).


I appreciate you thoughtful comments on the K Axis.


I hope this is helpful.



Dr. Kennedy



The Following Is A Similar Concept Involving Sexual Violence:


In the KennedyMD Newsletter September 2006, a method to separate out scoring for Sexual Violence was suggested. This can be very helpful when trying to focus on Sexual Violence:



100_95__90__85__80_75__70_65__60__55_50__45_40_ 35__30__25__20_15__10__5__

Primarily (check one): Non Violent__ Violent To Self__ Violent To Others__ To Self & Others__ Sexual Violence Score: ____


See Newsletter for details as the following web address:

(Click Here to View the September 28, 2006 Newsletter)


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