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Announcing Kennedy MD Publishing
December 1, 2011 


Kennedy MD Publishing will be publishing articles on www.KennedyMD.com.


The articles will mostly focus on clinical uses of the Kennedy Axis V (K Axis) and Kennedy NOSIE (K NOSIE), including their use as outcome measures. We will also be looking for articles related to the Kennedy Approach to Psychiatric Treatment Planning.


Two articles have been accepted and they will be published in the near future:


1) Kennedy V Axis assessment in an Italian outpatient and inpatient population (English Version)*


* Italian version was published in Rivista di Psichiatria (2010), 4, 45, 214-220


2) Kennedy Axis V: Reliability and Validity, Including Comparisons to Axis V (GAF)**, HoNOS***, and the BPRS****


**      DSM-IV-TR's Axis V (Global Assessment of Functioning)

***    HoNOS = Health of Nations Outcome Scale

****  BPRS = Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale


If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please send a draft to our editor James Kennedy, MD via email attachment at the following address:




Once the articles have been added to www.kennedymd.com, their publication will be announced via the Kennedy MD Publishing Newsletter.


Again, we are interested in publishing articles related to the Kennedy Axis V or the Kennedy NOSIE. If you are looking for a publisher for such an article, please contact us.
We continue to be interested in your submitting vignettes to be submitted to our subscribers for scoring using the Kennedy Axis V. We are especially interested in Vignettes related to patients within the correctional system.

Click on "Reply" to this email to submit your article, enter your Clinical Vignetter, or Letter to the Editor. You may also send your email separately to Dr. Kennedy at:

Best Wishes,
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