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Kennedy Axis V - Validity Study 
March 2009 
The following is a brief abstract of an article based on a study that helps demonstrate the VALIDITY of the KENNEDY AXIS V. This study was done in Rome, Italy.
Title of Article: 
"External Validation of the Axis V of Kennedy [Kennedy Axis V] by Symptom Rating Scales in Patients with Anxiety Disorders"
Published In:
European Psychiatry, Volume 23, Supplement 2, April 2008, Page S218, 16th Association of European Psychiatrists (AEP) Congress - Abstract Book, 16th AEP Congress
Copyright (c) 2008, Published by Elsevier Masson SAS
Poster Session II: Anxiety Disorders
A. Frustacia, M. Codardoa, G. Guerrieroa, L. Janiria and G. Possia
Study Location:
Day Hospital of Clinical Psychiatry
Policlinico Universitario
Rome, Italy
Web Access, Including Access to an Abstract of the Article:
We are interested in feedback from other clinicians using the Kennedy Axis V.
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