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February, 2013
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Time vs. Money vs.
Who Is This Oscar
Since We Are Talking About Oscar
A Drink for Chilly Evenings
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It's back!  You can't escape it.  The time of the year when you want to do absolutely nothing.  It's cold, it's wet, and it's dark all of the time.  We keep getting this hint that Spring is coming, but then the weather rears it's ugly head and brings in a cold front.

Now, sitting around doing nothing MAY sound appealing.  But just think for just a minute.  If YOU are sitting around feeling mopy, chances are... That's right.  One or two of your friends are just 'done with this' too.  Sounds like a PARTY is due!

A party for no reason.  I shouldn't say party.  An "event" for no reason.  You can get together and go somewhere.  Whether you travel to another city or to the mall or tennis court.  Make an event of it.

An event is so much better than "Hey girl.  What you doing?  I'm bored.  Wanna do something?"  When you send an invitation or paperless post, it feels like so much more.  People are happy to be invited to almost anything.  Guys too.  Don't let them tell you otherwise. 

So, think of something you'd like to do.  Something that is you, and that your friends could enjoy as well (or at least respect you for).  Next step?  Call (770) 935-0065.  What?!  You didn't see that coming?  I'm a planner.  If I gave you all of my hints, you'd be a planner.  But in all seriousness, let's discuss your plans.  

And don't worry.  Some of my best clients started with me asking, "Why do I need a planner".  Now they say, "I don't know.  My planner took care of it".  Your event, you way means just that.  We can start out small.  Let's just start!


Time vs. Money      

Time, money, you.  Which is more important?  Don't answer right away.  You may regret it.  But think.  If you could have more of any of it, would you take time?  That is truly a missed commodity.  But then again, if you had more money, maybe you'd have more time to enjoy things. 

There are all types of wise sayings, quotes; and those that inspire and coach and counsel.  You can find answers everywhere.  So where am I going with this?  Hopefully, not as deep as you just went.  But keep pondering...
Did You Know...
Probably the most prestigious and long awaited award ceremony (in the world) is the Academy Awards.  Sure there are the Grammys and Emmys and Tonys and... But, while those shows recognize specific industries, the Academy recognizes so much more. 

You never realize how much work goes into a single 90-minute movie until you look at the categories for this ceremony.  Oh, in case you weren't paying attention.  This is more than just the 3 hour show on TV (O.K. 4).  It includes music (and sound editing), costume design, visual effects, writing, and makeup (and hair).  Nevermind the actors and directors and producers.

So, to be the most distinguished "Academy Award of Merit", who is Oscar?!
Since We Are Talking About Oscar...
Well, the most of them have past.  But, the most anticipated award show of the year is the Academy Awards, the oldest and most respected of them all.  The best of the best.  Are you going?  We are!

We are not going.  I just wanted to see you reaction.  BUT, we can act like we were going.  Have you read the "Did You Know..." series in our previous newsletters?  It was all to get you prepared for this night.  No it wasn't.  There I go again.  But this series sure could help now.  There was the one on "Which Wine Glass Do I Use", which described a table setting.  "White Tie" addressed formal apparel. There was even the one on the different types of "Stemware".  So, are you ready?
A Drink for Chilly Evenings
It's getting darker sooner.  Long chilly night, after a long exhausting day?  Spending some more time indoors?  OR... will you be spending a little more time with your baby this evening?  Try this recipe to warm the soul.   

  • 1 Coffee K-Cup or Vue pack
  • 4 oz Skin Milk 
  • 1/4 teaspoon Peppermint Extract   
  • 2 tablespoons Chocolate Syrup 
  • Whipped Cream  
  • Sugar or sugar substitute (optional) 
  • Milk Frother  


  1. Brew 6-8 oz coffee into 14 oz mug.  
  2. Prepare the hot milk in frother 
  3. Add Peppermint Extract and Chocolate Syrup to coffee  
  4. Gently stir in hot milk and sugar to taste  
  5. Top with Whipped Cream    

And no, not all of the drink recipes in this newsletter use spirits (but I'm sure there are options). 


*Cocktail recipe provided by Keurig (I know, right)     

Karla Kreitner
Senior Event Planner
Kardon Events