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Yong's China Quest Interactive Game
KS3 Art & Design/Textiles
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Object of the Month: WW1 Chocolate Box
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January 2016

To celebrate the Chinese New Year on 8 February 2016, our first bulletin of the year highlights resources linked to the history and culture of China. 

We always welcome feedback on our resources - you can contact us by email or send us a tweet @MyLearning_org - we look forward to hearing from you!

Happy New Year from the My Learning Team!
Master all 3 Levels of this Interactive Game!

This online adventure game features objects from Chinese history from the year 500 BCE up to the Olympic Games in 2008. On your quest as a scholar in level 1, you must learn about the tradition of Chinese writing, and become safe guarded by a mystical beast by collecting the Qilin tile.  

Click the image below to try Yong's China Quest now - can you rise to the challenge and complete all three levels?

Screen grab from Yong_s China Quest interactive
Recommended by Teachers - Secondary

KS3 Art & Design/Textiles

This incredibly finely embroidered silk tabard tells us about the structures of power in Chinese Mandarin Society, during the Qing Dynasty.The tabard belonged to the wife of a Chinese government official and is a very visual symbol of status and rank within this society. Is it demeaning to women, whose identity only came from the rank of their husbands? Or is the fact that the cranes are facing each other a romantic and endearing feature of this uniform? 

Teachers' panel comments:
'Could be used in Art as part of a larger project with symbol, motif, pattern, textiles, design as a central part of the project.

'Good photos of object with good clear notes about it. Introduces a really good cross cultural theme about very traditional ancient clothing design'.
Amanda Duke, KS3 Art & Design Teacher, West Sussex
Recommended by Teachers - Primary
KS2 Art & Design, RE, Geography, Citizenship

This resource gives children the opportunity to explore objects from many different countries. On the interactive adventure you are aided by one of the mini museum guides to answer questions correctly and create your own exhibition. Points awarded depend on collecting similar objects from different cultures, and the scoring system encourages you to think about themes that affect both your community and other communities around the world. 

Play the game now! You can also play an off-line version of My Culture Quest with the My Culture Quest card game.

Teachers' panel comments:
'The best features are the interactive game and the downloadable cards. Children would really enjoy both of these. 

I also really like the way each tab has been written. The language is clear and gives enough information about each object to hold the reader's interest. It's good that the tabs have been split up by country. Very easy to navigate'.
Michelle Ross, KS2 Teacher, Leeds
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Object of the Month
 Leeds Museums & Galleries
These Chinese bride and groom dolls were made around 1910 in Shanghai.
On their wedding day a couple are dressed up in the fine silk robes worn by the wealthy and successful. The groom wears a mandarin's badged coat and the bride wears a lucky red outfit. Click the image to find out more...
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