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November 2015

We always welcome feedback on our resources, a selection of which are featured below.  You can contact us by email or send us a tweet @MyLearning_org - we look forward to hearing from you!

From the My Learning Team
Teaching Remembrance?
Remembrance Day this year falls on Sunday 8 November and commemorates the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts.

© Surrey Heritage Centre

Edward 'Teddy' Cutt of the East Surrey Regiment (pictured above) was reported missing in action just days after he arrived in France, on 26 September 1915. Losing a Loved One in WW1 tells how Teddy's fiancée waited almost a year for official notice of his death. 

Explore a range of our other resources focusing on remembrance and the First World War, including:
Recommended by Teachers - Primary

(KS2 Literacy / History / Food Tech)

This resource demonstrates the different aspects of rationing during the Second World War and its effects on ordinary British people.

© East Midlands Regional Archive Council

Teachers' panel comments:

'Excellent use of images and links to other resources.

'I think the discussion questions are excellent and would raise some good quality discussion and arguments. The question
'What might have happened if they had raised food prices instead?' would really make students think. They could do this as a debate, as politicians of that time. They could also write a manifesto based on this'.
Recommended by Teachers - Secondary

KS3/4 History / Citizenship

This resource examines how a new charity, St Dunstan's, was founded to help blinded ex-servicemen after the First World War and includes archive images from the collections of Blind Veterans UK.

© Blind Veterans UK Collections and Archives

Teachers' panel comments:

'Great discussion ideas. Some fascinating images included. I could use this resource to look at advances in medicine and attitudes to disability as a result of the War'.

Object of the Month
To mark remembrance day next week, we are featuring a medal designed using our First World War Guardians online interactive.  

It was submitted by Jasper Johnson from Year 6 of Medbury School, New Zealand who wanted it to be awarded 'for men who showed bravery. It is also awarded to every casualty'.

Northern History Forum
Wed 18 November, 4.00pm to 8.00pm
Book your place now at the Northern History Forum at Leeds Trinity University, the theme of which will be From local to national - using the local picture to reveal national change.

A range of primary and secondary workshops are available - download the programme for further details or book your place at
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