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October 2015

We always welcome feedback on our resources, a selection of which are featured below.  You can contact us by email or send us a tweet @MyLearning_org - we look forward to hearing from you!

From the My Learning Team
Black History Month - Featured Resource

Mary Seacole (KS1 and KS2 History)

Celebrate Black History Month in October 2015 with this KS1/2 resource. It features activities, factsheets and information about Mary Seacole and her contribution to medicine and healthcare. It looks at her life, why she went to Turkey to help soldiers injured in the Crimean War, and what happened as a result of her work.

Online interactive activities for KS1/2 students include: 
  • Meet Mary Seacole - an introduction to Mary Seacole
  • Herbal Remedy Matching Game - children select picture cards so that illustrations relating to Mary Seacole and herbal remedies are correctly paired up
  • Make a Medicine - correctly match medicine and equipment to treat patients with a variety of complaints
Download a 'Meet Mary' factsheet for students.

You could also use the resource to discuss the similarities and differences between Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.

Explore the Mary Seacole resources on My Learning or find out more about our other resources celebrating Black History Month.

To find out more about Black History Month 2015 visit: 

Recommended by Teachers - Primary

(KS2 Art and Design; Arts Award Discover and Explore)

This resource presents a case study of how staff and students from one school used a visit to the Ferens Art Gallery as the starting point for a whole-school cross curricular project. They took their inspiration from a prominent painting in the Ferens Old Master collection - 'The Fish Market' by Joachim De Beuckelaer (pictured below).

Hull Museums

At the end of the project, a selection of the children's work was exhibited at the gallery.

Teachers' panel comments:
The 'Fish Market Investigation sheet' is useful to prompt discussions in class and could be used on other pieces of art.

The 'Fish Market Drama Activity' is great - I never thought about using drama to explore a painting before but certainly will in the future!

The remaining two downloads again are useful to...facilitate children's thinking about what is happening in the piece of art.

Recommended by Teachers - Secondary

(KS3 History/KS3 English)

Bradford Museums and          Galleries
The resource provides an overview of Georgian society through museum objects. It raises issues of class and social customs, and questions how much has changed since the 18th Century.

Some of the themes explored include:
  • social class
  • marriage and matchmaking
  • town and country
  • life below stairs
A range of discussion ideas and activities are suggested on the teachers' notes page, and links are provided to other relevant online resources for further research.

Bradford Museums and        Galleries

Teachers' panel comments:

Using images and artefacts to teach History is excellent as it helps visualize things and engages pupils immediately.

Some very interesting and varied discussion topics.

Could be used when considering the social aspect of the industrial revolution. A useful resource for increasing pupil's interest in a subject which has the tendency to be dull and dry. 

Three Popular Downloads

Helps pupils explore the way rocks are used in everyday life and why that material is chosen.

Includes notes on clothing for Tudor children, discussion questions and how to swaddle a baby.

Match the possessions buried alongside people to their owners. Can be used as an individual activity or completed as a class on an interactive whiteboard.

Object of the Month
Mask in the form of the jackal head, Anubis, worn by Ancient Egyptian priests during the mummification process. The only known remaining example of its style.

Harrogate Borough Council, Museums and Arts Service
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