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September 2015

We hope you all had a good summer break! 

See below for a few 'back to school' lesson planning ideas. If there are any new topics that you'd like to see on My Learning please get in touch - email or send us a tweet @MyLearning_org

My Learning resources remain FREE to use and feature thousands of images and downloads for the classroom. Don't forget to use the keyword search on the website if you're looking for material on particular topics.

My Learning has received a commendation in the 2015 Association for Heritage Interpretation 'Digital Heritage Awards for the Our First World War Medals interactive created in partnership with Leeds Museums and Galleries. 

The biennial Digital Heritage awards recognise excellence in cultural and natural heritage interpretation in Britain and Ireland. They are the only UK and Irish awards to recognise all types of heritage interpretation.

The awards will be made in October. Find out more about the AHI and the Discover Heritage awards on the AHI website.
Featured Resource


The Blitz - 75th Anniversary


On 7 September 1940 England came under attack from a series of German bombing raids that lasted 57 nights. Find out what it was like to live through this period by listening to audio clips of interviews with people from Hull who experienced it first hand.


The resources also include images of a handwritten account by a 12-year-old schoolgirl who was evacuated during the War: 'What happened to me and what I did in the air raids'.



These resources are aimed at KS2 and KS3 History and Citizenship.

Recommended by Teachers - Primary

KS2/3 History/Literacy/Citizenship/SMSC

During WW1, wounded soldiers and sailors returning to Britain often passed through Preston Station on their way home. The soldiers' journeys to and from the front line were often long and tiring so a group of people decided to try to help them by providing free food and drink at the Station Buffet.

This resource is designed as a starting point for discussion around British Values as part of SMSC. Teachers may wish to use it as a 'circle time' type discussion linked to a history topic that pupils are already familiar with.

Teachers' Panel Comments:
The idea of expressing gratitude to others is lovely and can be explored with all ages, including KS1. Discussion groups could explore:
- What am I thankful for today?
- Who am I thankful for?
Children could write thank you letters to a chosen person/ organisation after the discussion.
Recommended by Teachers - Secondary

KS2/3 Geography/Food Technology

This interactive links items from the World Cultures collections of Leeds Museums and Galleries with the cuisine served at Asian restaurants in the city. Players can explore the Asian food related artefacts, and browse dishes from 10 Leeds restaurants and then play a matching game to see how they connect.

Teachers' Panel Comments:
...a good way in to start a conversation about the changes in the high street and food options made by the influx of different immigrant communities bringing their food cultures and heritage into towns and cities. Perhaps linking to Geography fieldwork studies of changes in land usage / shops over time.
Top 3 Quizzes

Complete the minibeast challenge and become an expert!
Questions asked include:
How many legs do insects have? What is entomology?

Explore the 'Step by Step' guide to mummification then use the quiz to test your knowledge and see how much you have learned.

Addresses a range of issues linked to the concept of 'global citizenship', such as human rights, modern day slavery, interdependency and globalisation, and campaigning.

Image of the Month
'Woman making oat cakes' from George Walker's 'Costume of Yorkshire' 1814 Huddersfield Local Studies Library
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