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November 21, 2012      
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      Twinkies used to be as American as Ike and Howdy Doody.
  Can Twinkies Become a Futureproof Brand?
I've been following the Hostess bankruptcy proceedings the past few days. Yes, the company is mired in labour conflicts, rising debt and management turmoil. But I believe the big problem is evolution. If there is an appetite to change this destiny, I believe a rigorous regimen of futureproofing needs to be administered.
How To Avoid an Organizational Midlife Crisis
You've heard of individuals experiencing midlife crises; organizations experience growing pains as well. Just like us, organizations can either flourish or falter when faced with a midlife transition. If handled well, it's a time to reassess goals, articulate a meaningful purpose and launch a journey to reach the organization's highest potential.

Latinos: The Fastest Growing Segment the Sustainability Industry Has (N)ever Seen
Aside from their mounting political clout, the U.S. Latino population has significant buying power. A report by Saatchi & Saatchi S explores why, partly due to myths, misunderstandings and misperceptions of Latinos' connection to the environment, CSR efforts have failed to properly engage U.S. Latinos.

Five Steps to a Winning Sustainable Marketing Strategy
The fundamentals of targeting, research and proposition development don't go out the window when sustainability walks through the door. These steps should look familiar to any marketer worth their salt. Let's review them in the context of a mainstream brand aiming to build its sustainability cred.

Hershey: What Happened to Putting a Smile on Children's Faces?
Hershey is an iconic American brand, and personally, I'm a sucker for Hershey's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. So like many Americans, I felt a sense of betrayal when I learned last month that Hershey has recently pledged to phase out producers that use child labor to process cacao beans from West Africa over the next eight years.

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