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November 1, 2012      
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  Should Brands Be Using the "S" Word?
Marketers don't have a responsibility to educate people about sustainability. We have a responsibility to demonstrate that a sustainable lifestyle can be stylish, fun, luxurious or comfortable. We have an opportunity to sell sustainability as an aspirational way of life. If only we could stop being so serious. If we want more people to act more sustainably, then we are going to have to lighten up a little.
Q&A: Sainsbury's, Nestle, UPS & More on Sustainability as Driver of Innovation, Revenue, Brand Value
This is the first in a series of posts detailing responses to a Q&A we've conducted with members of the Sustainable Brands community on a variety of issues at hand. We pose the same question to you! Feel free to add your thoughts on the impetus for your sustainability journey.

Sure, Actions Speak Louder - But Your Words Better Measure Up, Too
Corporate sustainability claims are becoming standard practice, and consumer expectations have risen in kind: Data indicates that stakeholders now expect business to deliver greater value, beyond slicker products, quality services or higher profits. Sustainability marketing can make or break a reputation in the minds of this increasingly savvy audience.

After Sandy, Which Candidate Can Best Deliver the Reassurance the U.S. Now Needs?
As Superstorm Sandy shifts the dynamics of the U.S. political campaign, Havas Media uses its Meaningful Brands methodology to uncover how each of the candidates is positioned to deliver meaning in what promises to be a tough week for many.

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