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October 26, 2012      
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      Starbucks Logo Evolution
  Re-Branding: Three Steps for a Successful Team Transition
When re-brands don't work, it's usually not just because the brand team put out a logo people don't like. It's because there was no change-management component built into the process. Either employees weren't involved in the process or leadership didn't address the other changes that sparked the re-brand in the first place.
Survey Shows Americans Want To See CSR Results
When it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR), consumers want more than aspirational mission statements, according to the results of a new survey by Cone Communications. The Corporate Social Return Trend Tracker survey found 84 percent of Americans hold companies accountable for producing and communicating the results of CSR commitments.

CDP Says Over Half of Companies Report Detrimental Water Impacts
There is a sharp rise in company reports of detrimental impacts from drought and other water-related issues, according to the 2012 CDP Global Water Report, yet little change in the number of companies with board-level oversight of water strategies and no increase in the number of corporations providing transparent water-related risk assessments to investors.

Most Voters Do Not Think Either Candidate Will Offer Them a Better Quality of Life
Following the most recent Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, global communications network Havas Media releases further data on the US Presidential candidates' "meaningfulness" scores. The scores track how voters feel the candidates will help them as they strive to live more meaningful, more fulfilled lives.

Driving Sustainability While the World Watches
The Olympic Games unite a global community of fans from all cultures - through a universal, fervent love of sport - and notoriously leave a massive carbon footprint in their wake. They also create unparalleled opportunities for brands, media and other stakeholders to engage this global community of spectators on the importance of sustainability, both onsite and virtually.
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