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The Portland Loo has just received a major upgrade to operate in severe weather conditions. Every Portland Loo is equipped with our standard freeze protection that surrounds the plumbing and toilet components protecting it down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  The new extreme cold weather option now offers non-freezing protection and we've even tested down to 6 degrees Fahrenheit!  If your City experiences long and  extremely cold winters,this option offers longer operation and freeze protection throughout the winter months.  In comparison, our standard freeze protection uses an electrical heat trace around all piping and interior toilet bowl areas. The cold weather upgrade circulates 3500 watts of heated water around these parts ensuring the pipes and toilet drain won't freeze.  This closed loop heat system is easy to control, monitor and service. The option can even be retrofitted to original standard AC and solar/AC hybrid powered Loos.  Along with this new heated toilet system, we also offer upper and lower louver coverings that protect the interior of the loo from wind and snow during colder months.  These coverings can be removed and easily stored in the back storage area allowing you to return to fully using the crime prevention louvers in warmer times of the year.

To help you determine if this extreme temperature toilet is right for you. You can find your States average winter temperature information here.
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